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Tero Mustonen, Sergei V. Sokolovskiy, Hugh Beach, and Jessica Kantarovich

Elena Larina), historiography of German ethnologists’ research in Amazonia (by Andrei Matusovskii), Christianity and animism in coastal Chukotka (by Dmitrii Oparin), the comparison of Eurasian and European political cultures (by Georgii Sitnianskii

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Melissa Feinberg

could be used by RFE scriptwriters for research purposes. 13 Reports were filed in the original language, with summaries, commentary, and subject headings in English. Some Items were translated into English or German for use by workers from any of the

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Sharon A. Kowalsky

Polish Displaced Persons in the Aftermath of World War II,” examines another aspect of the post-1945 Polish experience, focusing on Polish displaced persons (DPs) interred in Germany and Austria after the war. Situating her argument within the growing

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“Amongst Affectionate Female Friends”

Same-Sex Intimacy in Nineteenth-Century Polish Correspondence

Natalie Cornett

the “Springtime of Nations” in 1848, of which Poland played a small and rather insignificant role compared to the larger and more successful uprisings in the nearby German and Hungarian lands. Żmichowska and her three friends received the worst

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“Tobacco! Tobacco!”

Exporting New Habits to Siberia and Russian America

Matthew P. Romaniello

Gottlieb Georgi in 1770 recorded tobacco habits as a custom that distinguished the various groups in Siberia. It is unlikely that the value of tobacco among local communities had transformed, but rather the Russian and German scientific observers were more

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Akulina Mestnikova

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

-related issues among indigenous peoples. The Sakha-German Gymnasium (2001), classes with Sakha as the language of instruction at School Nos. 15, 17, and 32 (2002), School No. 13 (2003), the Sakha-German grammar school, the Sakha-Canadian school No. 38 (2004), the

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Valentina Mitkova

, individual asceticism, and unusual personal choice to “reflect” the presence of the remarkable male intellectuals who crossed her life—Hristo Belchev, Pencho Slaveikov, Petko Todorov, the German Slavist Georg Adam, Petar Dunov, and others. In cases when the

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It Was Not Meant to Be This Way

An Unfortunate Case of Anglo-Saxon Parochialism?

Tom Frost

casting their eyes towards the outcome of the French and German elections, to be held in 2017. In the six months since the referendum result, the uncertainty over what Brexit will be has remained. Theresa May, the Prime Minister who succeeded David Cameron

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Assaf Shapira

nationhood, rooted in particular political histories. For example, the German ethnic perception has guided its exclusive policy, while France’s civil-territorial perception has influenced the nation’s inclusive policy. In this article we adopt a

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Play of Mirrors

An Encounter of Personal Biographies with Europe’s Journey

Marcos Farias Ferreira

a shock to us all the first time we went out for dinner at a German pizzeria that had just opened on Nevsky Prospekt. We were walking down the avenue with Georgy and a couple more students, and as soon as we prepared to enter the restaurant the