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Shaping Edits, Creating Fractals

A Cinematic Case Study

James E. Cutting and Karen Pearlman

to Emotion Judgments and Back .” Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 78 ( 3 ): 891 – 901 . doi: 10.3758/s13414-015-1003-5 . 10.3758/s13414-015-1003-5 Cutting , James E. , Kaitlin L. Brunick , Jordan E. DeLong , Catalina Iricinschi

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Ugly Emotions and the Politics of Accusation

Geoffrey Hughes, Megnaa Mehtta, Chiara Bresciani, and Stuart Strange

contemporary systems of globalized inequality from Kenya (Zidaru-Barbulescu), Uganda (Nakueira), Tunisia (Zagaria), Jordan (MacDougall) and Australia (Dahlgren). These case studies span some of the poorest countries in the world but also middle-income countries

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A Leap over History

Vladimir Jabotinsky's Political Paradigms, 1916–1940

Brian Horowitz

the British “keep their word” ( Jabotinsky 1922b: 257 ). One can see Jabotinsky's anti-gradualist goals in his party's program. He wanted the establishment of a state (Jewish majority) with borders set on both sides of the Jordan River (therefore

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Matthew Zarnowiecki

other. Sonnet 116, the most famous of all, beginning ‘Let me not to the marriage of true minds’, fares better in June Jordan’s hilarious and vervy ‘Shakespeare’s 116 th Sonnet in Black English Translation’. A fair number of poets offer adaptations

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The Return to the Monument

The Looming Absence of the Temple

Hava Schwartz

nationality, just as sojourning and settling in it as a total space plays a role in the formation of a national identity ( Savage 2009: 10 ). The encounter between the two parts of divided Jerusalem—East Jerusalem, under Jordanian rule before the 1967 Six

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“We Are a Traveling People”

Tourism, Travel Journalism, and the Construction of a Modern National Identity in Sweden

Emilia Ljungberg

travel sections of newspapers today. Many of the typical characteristics of the genre that are recognizable to readers of today can be found, for example, in an article about Jordan from 1932 titled “The Camel in the Eye of the Needle,” published in the

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Laurel Hart, Pamela Lamb, and Joshua Cader

expect to be filtering in the first place. As Tim Jordan has noted, the key is moving beyond calls for somebody to think of the children, whether a corporation or government, without “devolving responsibility to those being abused” ( Shepherd et al. 2015

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David Nicol

precedent. The printed text of Thomas Jordan’s The Walks of Islington and Hogsdon faithfully reprints Sir Henry Herbert’s licence at the end. See Gerald Eades Bentley, The Profession of Dramatist in Shakespeare’s Time, 1590–1642 (Princeton: Princeton

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“Can You Really See What We Write Online?”

Ethics and Privacy in Digital Research with Girls

Ronda Zelezny-Green

2001: 2 ). Action research is increasingly used in sub-Saharan African contexts ( Stuart and Kunje 1998 ; Kapoor and Jordan 2009 ). The action in this study was to introduce the girls to an educational cell phone app, designed for people living in

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“Speak with Girls, Not for Them”

Supporting Girls’ Action Against Rape Culture

Alexe Bernier and Sarah Winstanley

culture ( Brown 2011 ; Jordan and Mossman 2018 ; Leaper et al. 2013 ; Renold 2018 ; Ringrose and Renold 2011 ). Only recently are girls being viewed by researchers as capable agents of social change ( Brown 2016 ; Mandrona 2016 ; Taft 2011