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The “Moral Effect” of Legalized Lawlessness

Violence in Britain’s Twentieth-Century Empire

Caroline Elkins

liberalism and imperialism and, with it, a dominant narrative of universal human emancipation, equality, rights, and the civilizing mission that materialized simultaneously with an underbelly of repression as expressed in evolutionary thought, racism, class

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Political Regeneration

José Bonifácio and Temporal Experiences in the Luso-American World in the Early Nineteenth Century

Maria Elisa Noronha De Sá and Marcelo Gantus Jasmin

many other important ones, that of racial inheritance, the belief in the universality of the human race, and the questioning of the racism inherited from the ancien régime. He writes: As a matter of fact, primitive man is neither naturally good nor evil

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Owen White and Elizabeth Heath

System in West Africa (Boulder: Westview Press, 1996); and on Kabyle migrant labor, Neil MacMaster, Colonial Migrants and Racism: Algerians in France, 1900–1962 (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1997), 34–49. 43 Andrew Arsan, Interlopers of Empire: The

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Whitewashing History

Pinker’s (Mis)Representation of the Enlightenment and Violence

Philip Dwyer

his agenda. Another paradox is that racism as a pseudoscientific ideology really only came into its own in the nineteenth century, at about the same time as slavery was abolished in Europe. Moreover, this was a period, that is, the decades after 1760

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The Magic of Bureaucracy

Repatriation as Ceremony

Laura Peers

: Routledge . Lynch , Bernadette , and Samuel Alberti . 2010 . “ Legacies of Prejudice: Racism, Co-production and Radical Trust in the Museum .” Museum Management and Curatorship 25 ( 1 ): 13 – 35 . 10.1080/09647770903529061 Mitchell , Jon P . 1996

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Colonising ‘Free’ Will

A Critique of Political Decolonisation in Ghana

Bernard Forjwuor

, albeit legitimate, alternative)? And in this case, where fundamental violations fuse a vaunting genocidal expedition (slavery/colonialism/racism) and liberal ideals into postcolonial political systems, should not alternative grounds be protected from

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The Race for Third

Small Parties in the 2017 Bundestag Election

David F. Patton

conservatives against Lucke in 2015, belatedly tried to steer the party in a more pragmatic direction by which it would distance itself from racism and ethnic nationalism and would follow a “realistic political strategy” in which the AfD as a “bourgeois catch

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Helga Druxes, Christopher Thomas Goodwin, Catriona Corke, Carol Hager, Sabine von Mering, Randall Newnham, and Jeff Luppes

accessible. Contemporary struggles with racism, recognition and reparation allow us as political subjects to gain more common ground in the context of previous haunting cases of trauma, making visible who is dispossessed, who stood to benefit, and at what

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Periphery and Intimacy in Anti-Imperial Culture and Politics

From French Others to Othering Frenchness

Burleigh Hendrickson

shared many similarities: an initial desire for a dreamworld in France, an awakening to French military racism and hypocrisy through their own experience in the army, and a gradual hardening of anticolonial positions through lived experience. And if

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Clay Clemens

from ordinary voters about schools struggling to integrate foreign students, under-resourced police, and crime by young male immigrants—as well as anxious queries about deportation and rising racism from the few non-white participants. She held her