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Artificial Intelligence

Faith in Machine or Man?

Jan Martijn Meij

innovations using the process of acceleration. The age began with the inventor of the steam-powered pump, Thomas Newcomen, and continued through major innovative technologies that use acceleration such as railways and electronics. The second point is that in

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Geographical Imagination, Anthropology, and Political Exiles

Photographers of Siberia in Late Imperial Russia

Tatiana Saburova

important, at least until completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway Railroad, towns were too underpopulated to support a large number of photo studios, and competition among those that did exist was fierce. Indeed, virtually every Siberian town had a

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Marxist morphologies

A materialist critique of brute materialities, flat infrastructures, fuzzy property, and complexified cities

Michał Murawski

base, load it onto a train, park it at the (imaginary) secret Communist Party railway station in the underbelly of the palace, and attach a two-hour time delay fuse. This way, the assassin is multitasking: he prevents the takeover of “Polish national

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Migration, Empire, and Liminality

Sex Trade in the Borderlands of Europe

Tracie L. Wilson

maintains that “the Henryka Teisseyre mentioned in the imperial directive is not the same as the Henryka de Teisseyre living in Krakow.” The police director from Krakow stresses that the latter’s father is “a distinguished inspector for the state railway

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Patricia Mainardi

make his appearance, he was shown as tiny and insignificant. 44 New bridges and railway lines featured regularly in lavish multi-page spreads. Disasters too proved exceptionally popular, no doubt because they could be produced quickly with the judicious

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Walking with the Goat-God

Gothic Ecology in Algernon Blackwood’s Pan’s Garden: A Volume of Nature Stories

Michelle Poland

spontaneous fires along the railway tracks at Ascot, Bagshot and Bracknell, and the gorse on Greenham Common near Newbury. The argument that socioecological mayhem is a pervading theme in Pan’s Garden is further augmented when you consider that Blackwood was

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Joanna Bourke

_violence_needs_assessment_rep ort_2016.pdf. 12 Pinker, Better Angels , 476; emphasis in original. 13 Alfred Swaine Taylor, Medical Jurisprudence (London: n.p., 1861), 687–698. 14 John Eric Erichsen, On Railway and Other Injuries of the Nervous System (London: Walton and

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Poverty and Shame

Interactional Impacts on Claimants of Chinese Dibao

Jian Chen and Lichao Yang

compensation for a loss or for the stake of social stability. The most common case is when people are forced to relocate because of public projects, such as railway construction. Since the stricter policy was introduced in 2014, most rural areas have had to

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William Nessly, Noel B. Salazar, Kemal Kantarci, Evan Koike, Christian Kahl, and Cyril Isnart

passion for American life which one would not have expected of them. … The underground railway, by which the slaves used to escape into Canada, is nothing to the modern inventions of the Chinese for climbing tariff walls and creeping under the wire fences

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Applied Anthropology in Europe

Historical Obstacles, Current Situation, Future Challenges

Dan Podjed, Meta Gorup, and Alenka Bezjak Mlakar

Dutch telecommunications company), the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and the Dutch railways. Deciding to pursue a career outside academia, Jitske Kramer (HumanDimensions) and Danielle Braun (Danielle Braun Organisatiecultuur