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The Specter of Communism

Denmark, 1848

Bertel Nygaard

main question, the sole determinant of all European, or at least Western European, history. —Carl Ebeling, “Fortale” This was how the conservative theologian Carl Ebeling characterized recent history in 1851. The quoted passage appears in a preface to

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Michael McGuire

thus provided a wartime template for the region’s dynamic postwar cultural demobilization. 18 Conditions Envisioned For Western Europe, World War I began in August 1914 with German invasions of Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. By November, German

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Pious Women in a “Den of Scorpions”

The Piety and Patronage of the Eleventh-Century Countesses of Brittany

Amy Livingstone

Conclusion The women who became countesses of Brittany in the eleventh century brought with them relationships with kin and clergy that connected Brittany to secular and ecclesiastical developments of Western Europe. These countesses were integral to forging

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Constructing Difference and Imperial Strategy

Contrasting Representations of Irish and Zionist Nationalism in British Political Discourse (1917–1922)

Maggy Hary

reshuffle went hand in hand with a new discourse, most notably championed by US President Woodrow Wilson, which celebrated national identities and the right to self-determination. Across Western Europe, the neoromantic concept of the nation was intertwined

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The Other House

The Secondary Residence in Postwar France

Sarah Farmer

lower than in their home countries. In addition, French regulations made it easy for them to purchase second homes there. The Secretariat d’état au tourisme noted that within western Europe, rural France constituted “a reservoir of spaces at low purchase

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“Maternal Impressions”

Disability Memoirs in Socialist Poland

Natalia Pamula

fit the image of a dissident. Her text lacks evidence that she was aware of the disability rights movement that was quickly developing at the time in Western Europe and the United States. 20 Therefore, it seems that her politicized identity was the

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Imparting Ethno-aesthetic Knowledge in John Hawkesworth’s Report on Cook’s First Voyage to the South Pacific (1768–1771)

Sebastian Kaufmann

Discovery the production, translation, and reception of travel reports increased so rapidly in Western Europe that in his treatise Auch eine Philosophie der Geschichte zur Bildung der Menschheit (Another Philosophy of History for the Education of Mankind

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Tracey Reimann-Dawe

of western European cultural influence was chiefly constituted by scientific progress and the processes of industrialization. 6 The registration of time’s passage became increasingly scientific and defined in numerical values. 7 Further features

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Keep Moving, Stay Tuned

The Construction of Flow in and through Radio Traffic Reports

Marith Dieker

captures exactly the intention of public authorities (in the Netherlands and other parts of Western Europe) to inform drivers so that they could be kept safe. Over time, however, this focus became blurred, and there was more focus on the smooth flow of

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What Was So Funny about Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973)

A Comedic Film between History and Memory

Michael Mulvey

overlook the fact that Rabbi Jacob circulated throughout Western Europe and the Americas. The film told French audiences one thing as it sold foreign audiences a positive vision of Frenchness that justified France’s continued global cultural influence