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The Curious Case of Slovakia

Regime Preferences Thirty Years after the Velvet Revolution

Zuzana Reptova Novakova

freedom, self-realization, meritocracy, and a better life. Now, three decades after the rupture with its totalitarian past, the region is seeing vast societal support for authoritarian populism. As the region grew richer, more open, and further

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Populist Rhetoric and Nativist Alarmism

The AfD in Comparative Perspective

Barbara Donovan

-right,” 7 the “populist radical-right,” 8 “right-wing populists,” 9 “national populists,” 10 “xenophobic populist authoritarianism” 11 and, in the u.s. , alt-right. The plethora of labels is confusing, especially because these studies are all

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Roberto Farneti

Some writers have argued that “fractionalization,” understood as the division and fragmentation of society into a plurality of groups, leads to authoritarianism and violence. Others, investigating the causes of democratic regress, believe that

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Joyce Marie Mushaben, Shelley Baranowski, Trevor J. Allen, Sabine von Mering, Stephen Milder, Volker Prott, and Peter C. Pfeiffer

succumbing to some form of authoritarian rule by the early 1930s. To account for these different national trajectories, Winkler alludes to the “close connection between social backwardness and an authoritarian solution to the crises that beset the countries

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Symbolizing Destruction

Environmental Activism, Moral Shocks, and the Coal Industry

Alison E. Adams, Thomas E. Shriver, and Landen Longest

countries in the world ( Moldan and Schnoor 1992 ). During Communist rule, the authoritarian regime relentlessly imposed unrealistic quotas on the industrial and agricultural sectors and ensured this level of production by removing all environmental

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Iver B. Neumann

… I sense the world as a continuous struggle, as an enormous, gigantic conflict, in which thousands of other conflicts are embedded. ( Literaturnaya gazeta , 2 September 1992) Prokhanov’s solution for Russia was to impose “authoritarianism, which will

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Invisible Veterans

Defeated Militants and Enduring Revolutionary Social Values in Dhufar, Oman

Alice Wilson

armed and unarmed participation in political violence; in discussing the Front, I therefore use veteran to refer to both former armed and unarmed militants. Since defeating the Front, the authoritarian government of Sultan Qaboos bin Said has allowed no

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Two of the Same Kind?

The Rise of the AfD and its Implications for the CDU/CSU

Matthias Dilling

respective election campaigns in 2016. Fiscal and social conservatism, however, were increasingly sidelined in the AfD’s platform by a populist radical right appeal based on authoritarianism, populism, and nativism. 22 The AfD has thereby markedly moved

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Refugia Roundtable

Imagining Refugia: Thinking Outside the Current Refugee Regime

Nicholas Van Hear, Veronique Barbelet, Christina Bennett, and Helma Lutz

parochials have hardened. This is reflected spatially by the division of the world into metropolitan, liberal megacities with progressive administrations, often in conflict with the authoritarian national governments of the countries in which they sit. The

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Christiane Lemke

nationalism), “civilizational populism” (anti-Islam), and populist (authoritarian) nationalism in East Central Europe. 11 Most European populist parties share the anti- eu rhetoric and they strongly oppose immigration. Because of its rejection of Islam, the