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Nazism and the Holocaust in Indian History Textbooks

Basabi Khan Banerjee and Georg Stöber

). 27 Census of India 2011: Tab. C-13: Single Year Age Returns by Residence and Sex, (accessed 1 May 2019). 28 NCERT IX, 2006, 1–74. 29 Whereas the Tamil Nadu textbook contains only one image

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Family on the Edge

Neblagopoluchnaia Family and the State in Yakutsk and Magadan, Russian Federation

Lena Sidorova and Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill

million. In 2010, nearly 50% of the population were ethnic Sakha, and 38% were Russians. Among the other ethnic groups are indigenous peoples ( All-Russia Census 2010 ). Administratively, the territory is divided into 34 uluses (rural communities) with

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Ariela Zycherman

analysis utilizes data collected by remote sensing, satellite data, and census materials, which correlates land cover with policy and economic trends. Large properties make up most of the south and southeastern portions of the Brazilian Amazon. Large land

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Pac'Stão versus the City of Police

Contentious Activism Facing Megaprojects, Authoritarianism, and Violence

Einar Braathen

demographic surveys suggest about 40,000 people reside in the area, with about 75 percent in what the 2010 census categorized as “subnormal settlements” (favelas). Regarding the Human Development Index, Manguinhos's was 0.726, which ranked it no. 122 out of

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Too much time

Changing conceptions of boredom, progress, and the future among young men in urban Ethiopia, 2003–2015

Daniel Mains

. Central Statistical Authority (CSA) . 1999 . The 1994 population and housing census of Ethiopia . Addis Ababa : Central Statistical Authority . Donham , Donald . 1999 . Marxist modern: An ethnographic history of the Ethiopian revolution . Berkeley

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Mobile Disasters

Catastrophes in the Age of Manufactured Uncertainty

Steve Matthewman

worse for animals than radiation: T. G. Deryabina, S. V. Kuchmel, L. L. Nagorskaya, T. G. Hinton, J. C. Beasley, A. Lerebours, and J. T. Smith, “Long-Term Census Data Reveal Abundant Wildlife Populations at Chernobyl,” Current Biology 25, no. 19 (2015

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T.M. Luhrmann

. W. H. Myers et al. 1894 . ‘ Report on the Census of Hallucinations ’. Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research 34 : 25 – 394 . Sneath , D. , M. Holbraad and M. A. Pedersen . 2009 . ‘ Technologies of the Imagination: An

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The sanctioning state

Official permissiveness and prohibition in India

Ajay Gandhi

became crucial to bureaucratic classification and categorization of the social world. Various “investigative modalities” of rule, such as fingerprinting and the census, were elaborated so as to secure greater oversight over subjects, while broadening

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Janet Hoskins, Gavin Weston, Khairudin Aljunied, John Harries, Thorgeir Storesund Kolshus, Lars Højer, Cynthia Chou, Samson A. Bezabeh, and Ingvild Skodvin Prestegård

observation of events and meetings, a commercial census, and studying local Chinese language sources in addition to reading government archives and local English-language and Chinese-language newspapers were but some of the data collection methods that were

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Adam Hansen

the referrals under Prevent legislation involved Muslims, despite the fact that, according to the 2011 national census, Muslims represented just 5% of the UK population. 9 In turn, we should overlook the concerns of the very people tasked with