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The Biologically Vulnerable Boy

Framing Sex Differences in Childhood Infectious Disease Mortality

Heather T. Battles

: 314 – 315 . 10.1001/archpedi.1970.02100050316005 Ainbender , Eugene , Ruth Berger Weisinger , Magda Hevizy , and Horace L. Hodes . 1968 . “ Difference in the Immunoglobulin Class of Polioantibody in the Serum of Men and Women .” Journal of

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The Girl


Fiona Nelson

Brewer, and Tess Hoffman. And I had the perfect boyfriend: track star, senior class vice president, Hottie McHotterson, Jacob Fischer. Before I died, I had everything and more. I was happy . ( Rothenberg 2012: 4 , italics in original) It is perhaps not

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Thebes Troutman as Traveling Tween

Revising the Family Story

Margaret Steffler

take on the voices of others is part of a compulsive performance of trying on cultures, races, ethnicities, ages, and classes outside her own as she strives to reach beyond her identity and limitations as a “little white kid.” Thebes’s language is

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Paula MacDowell

three feet long. Halina was holding the voice recorder: ‘A girl in my class said that she once saw a mannequin in a store that was size –1 or 000. The clothes were cinched tightly at her back to fit her,’ Halina reported with concern. She reached into

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Girl, Interrupted and Continued

Rethinking the Influence of Elena Fortún’s Celia

Ana Puchau de Lecea

In late 1920s Spain, Elena Fortún (pseudonym of Encarnación Aragoneses, 1886–1952) introduced the character of Celia Gálvez de Montalbán, a seven-year-old girl from a middle-class family in Madrid. She presented Celia as a girl who encouraged

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How to Survive the Postfeminist Impasse

Grace Helbig’s Affective Aesthetics

Catherine McDermott

that might be associated with upper-class unattainability. The aspiration is, of course, not only in relation to the space itself, but to the imaginary of an attainable feminine perfection. The initial shot of the bathroom includes everyday items like a

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Adolescent Girls with Disabilities in Humanitarian Settings

“I Am Not ‘Worthless’—I Am a Girl with a Lot to Share and Offer”

Emma Pearce, Kathryn Paik, and Omar J. Robles

factors including ethnicity and race, class, religion, age, sexual orientation, and disability also contribute to multiple layers of discrimination ( Moodley and Graham 2015 ; Erevelles and Minear 2010 ; Nguyen and Mitchell 2014 ). Intersectional

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Jay Mechling

showers after gym class, so increasingly the young men in the Millennial Generation have had fewer and fewer experiences of being nude in the presence of other young men. I did not see much nudity among the boys at the troop I studied. There was no

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Steven Roberts and Karla Elliott

, 2005 ), paying attention primarily to boys and men marginalized on the basis of their working-class position. While this call to greater reflexivity will necessarily produce discomfort, it is a longstanding and important issue with which the field of

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Cinthia Torres Toledo and Marília Pinto de Carvalho

about the schooling of Black working-class boys within the Brazilian context, a subject still sparsely seen in our national literature. After contextualizing the debate about masculinities and education in Brazil, we introduce a partial analysis from