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Jingyi Li

by economic, ideological, and social class conditions. “Common sense” may vary among different social classes. Evidence shows that both NV English and PEP English are geared toward urban people and middle-classes. For example, middle-class

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Monica Reichenberg

Mean SD Min. Max. Textbook plan 2.80 0.67 2 4 Textbook support 2.19 0.66 1 4 Textbook exercises 2.41 0.69 1 4 Read aloud 3.36 1.25 1 5 Read every day 3.87 1.05 1 5 Read group 3.15 1.03 1 5 Read group teach 3.50 1.00 1 5 Read class 3.48 1.06 1 5 Read

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Socialisms in the Tsarist Borderlands

Poland and Finland in a Contrastive Comparison, 1830—1907

Wiktor Marzec and Risto Turunen

and Finland from a less fatalistic perspective, and argue that the active choices of popular classes in a way determined the political futures of various states throughout Europe. And one can see that these choices, though made in the past, are

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Ander Delgado

workers resulting from the social division described above. In order to deal with the situation faced by the langileria (working class), Ulgade proposed the creation of two organizations. The first would aim to secure political power for the working

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The District Leadership Cadre of the Stasi

Who Were These Men and Why Did They Not Crush Mass Protest in 1989?

Uwe Krähnke, Anja Zschirpe, Philipp Reimann, and Scott Stock Gissendanner

differences in mentalities and habitus forms, which in turn gave rise to a latent generational conflict. Those holding command positions in the district offices no longer belonged to the older “hardliner” generation that had stood toe-to-toe with “class

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Marrying into the Nation

Immigrant Bachelors, French Bureaucrats, and the Conjugal Politics of Naturalization in the Third Republic

Nimisha Barton

bureaucrats, municipal agents, and police officials stationed on the front lines of working-class communities throughout the country. 8 Thus, this article argues that naturalization officials, bureaucrats, administrators, and police personnel exercised their

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The Other House

The Secondary Residence in Postwar France

Sarah Farmer

interest of members of the prospering urban middle class looking to purchase, as well as city dwellers of more modest income who inherited a family property in their pays d’origine . By the late 1970s, fascination with the peasant house appeared as a

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Thomas Klikauer

(even though the numbers of these voters are very small); and finally, The AfD receives a very strong contingent of non-voters—people who used not to vote in previous elections. In general, the AfD does better in traditional working-class areas

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Tobias Schulze-Cleven

constraints of non-liberal institutions Institutionalized labor power forces employers into corporate strategies based on cross-class cooperation Streeck (1992) Political Science Explain national differences in economic organization Institutions

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Jeffrey Luppes, Klaus Berghahn, Meredith Heiser-Duron, Sara Jones, and Marcus Colla

courtly festivities, while the lower classes had to work for them. This heavenly inspired ordo lasted until the middle of the twelfth century, when feudalism slowly transformed into a society where the burghers of the Free Imperial Cities gained more and