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From the “state-idea” to “politically organized subjection”

Revisiting Abrams in times of crisis in Turkey and EU-Europe

Katharina Bodirsky

The claimed reality of the state … is the ideological device in terms of which the political institutionalisation of power is legitimated. It is of some importance to understand how that legitimation is achieved. But it is much more important to

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Cues for Integration

Foreign Policy Beliefs and German Parliamentarians’ Support for European Integration

A. Burcu Bayram

German politicians’ support for the eu . 10 The existing literature has traditionally focused on electoral pressure, left/right political party ideology, and the economic benefits of integration to explain the preferences of politicians and governments

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The “Moral Effect” of Legalized Lawlessness

Violence in Britain’s Twentieth-Century Empire

Caroline Elkins

for its alleged transgressions. The degree to which al-Husayni was aware of the mutually informing ideological, political, and structural forces working against him is uncertain. Even so, this skilled and measured diplomat surely had some inclination

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Mobilizing Meanings

Translocal Identities of the Far Right Web

Patricia Anne Simpson

unapologetic deployment of fascist symbols, ideologies, and politics. Nevertheless, as journalist Anna Sauerbrey observes in a 2015 New York Times op-ed, “The New Face of Racism in Germany,” the familiar signifiers of right-wing radicalism, shaved heads

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How Movements Are Mediated

The Case of the Hungarian Student Network in 2012–2013

Bálint Takács, Sára Bigazzi, Ferenc Arató, and Sára Serdült

contexts. The Broader Political and Ideological Context of Hungary The latest large-scale social change in Hungarian history was the fall of the nation’s socialist regime and subsequent transition to democracy in 1989. This was unique in the sense that it

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Heroes of Our Time

The Historical-Political Context of Devorah Omer’s Novels

Rima Shikhmanter

toward glorifying the past began to wane. As Zerubavel (1995) observes, the myths prevalent during the Yishuv era—those of Bar-Kokhba, Masada, and Tel Hai, for example—began to receive increasing criticism. Reflecting a lessening of ideological

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Adapting Brittany

The Ker-Is Legend in Bande Dessinée

Armelle Blin-Rolland

, but of an earlier character, setting, or concept’. 18 The concept here is that of the flooded and potentially resurfacing Breton city, and its adaptation is, as we shall see, filtered through the ideology of the Caouissins’ project, which aimed, in

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Matthew Binney

an empirical foundation to travel observations as those reflections document how the narrator inhabits discrete circumstances of time and place. Consciousness, Circumstances, and Political Ideology Locke’s personal identity functions as the model from

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Lena Steveker

politics with which Queen Consort Henrietta Maria was involved in the early mid-1630s’. 23 The Queen and Concubine and Stuart ideology While I agree with Munro that The Queen and Concubine ‘demonstrates both the interpenetration of commercial and

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Populist Rhetoric and Nativist Alarmism

The AfD in Comparative Perspective

Barbara Donovan

AfD has been part of a small, ideologically heterogenous group, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy ( efdd ), together with the uk Independence Party, the Sweden Democrats, and Italy's Five Star Movement (M5S). Other far-right parties had been