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Vilhjalmur Stefansson

The Northward Course of Empire, The Adventure of Wrangel Island, 1922–1925, and “Universal Revolution”

Paul Dukes

New Imperialism is a label often given to the expansion of European powers, the US, and Japan in the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century. In particular, Russia moved into Siberia especially with the

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The French Empire Goes to San Francisco

The Founding of the United Nations and the Limits of Colonial Reform

Jessica Lynne Pearson

Hot Springs, Virginia, which had taken place the previous month. He wrote: “Some American critics of ‘imperialism’ seemed to be unaware of the progressive character of the colonial policies of the European Powers, and from their strictures a visitor

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Desire for the political in the aftermath of the Cold War

Dace Dzenovska and Nicholas De Genova

for critiques of Western colonial capitalism and European cultural imperialism, however, they did not seem to generate imaginaries of futures that could inspire collective political action beyond their immediate contexts: they provided examples that

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A Focus on the History of Concepts

Eirini Goudarouli

transnational conceptual and intellectual history by emphasizing the relation between universalism and imperialism, as well as the conceptual transfers that stress this relation. In this sense, the authors argue that acknowledging the active role historical

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Amelia Moore and Jerry K. Jacka

Crockford's discussion of the entanglement of imperialism and capitalism on the high seas. Since the mid-twentieth century, the US government has been actively involved in managing the vast amounts of data produced on oceans to ensure that “scientific

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Janet Staiger

internationally, as a conflict based on race; another is the critiques of US militarism/imperialism in the 1960s. Is the classical phase really just one version of the genre available at every historical point? And parody as well? Do actual historical audiences

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Mike Gane

is significant that the authors only provide a brief reading of Durkheim's 1914–17 texts and his views on the nation, imperialism and war, simply dismissing them instantly as evidence of ‘nasty’ war-mongering once his mask of impartiality is taken off

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Selective Empathy

Workers, Colonial Subjects, and the Affective Politics of French Romantic Socialism

Naomi J. Andrews

developed were marked by rapid industrial and urban change within metropolitan France, and by a significant ideological shift in the logic and justification of French imperialism, dynamics that informed the way socialists conceived of the “universal” human

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Tintin and Corto Maltese

The European Adventurer Meets the Colonial Other

Dani Filc

and Italian popular adventure literature to colonialism and imperialism. 3 As Jeffrey Richards argued, popular adventure fiction was ‘not just […] a mirror of the age but […] an active agency constructing and perpetuating a view of the world’. 4

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Speaking Back, Striking Back

Calls for Local Agency and Good Fieldwork in Development Encounters

Eugenie Reidy

power and governance of the British Empire generated accusatory labels such as ‘child of imperialism’ and ‘colonialism’s handmaiden’ ( Shimizu et al. 1999 ). 1 Development anthropology (or ‘post-development’ critique) in recent decades has echoed these