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Constructing Difference and Imperial Strategy

Contrasting Representations of Irish and Zionist Nationalism in British Political Discourse (1917–1922)

Maggy Hary

nationalist movements in Palestine viewed the Irish precedent as an important historical model. Zionists in particular looked up to the figures of Irish independence: as the leader of Lohamei Herut Israel (Lehi: “fighters for the freedom of Israel”), 21

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Migration to the “First Large Suburban Ghetto” in America

Korean Immigrant Merchants in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s

Chanhaeng Lee

relationships with neighbors as a model of racial harmony: “We all love him. … There isn’t one bad thing you can say about Lee,” said one neighbor, recalling that Lee had attended his father’s funeral. 62 As Sung Hak Choi points out, however, the efforts of

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Frans Ciappara

patron of the parish. Holy relics’ triumphal entry into the village was also consciously modeled on the ceremonial of a newly elected grand master’s possession of the towns. 76 This ceremonial should not be presented exclusively as a device by which the

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Mapping the Rise of a New Concept

Ruth Hemstad

], . 19 See Timothy R. Tangherlini and Peter Leonard, “Trawling in the Sea of the Great Unread: Sub-Corpus Topic Modeling and Humanities Research,” Poetics 41, no. 6 (2013): 725-746. 20 Reinhart Koselleck, Futures Past: On the Semantics of

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Ottoman Conceptual History

Challenges and Prospects

Alp Eren Topal and Einar Wigen

the new nation. 41 Moreover, even before the highly influential works by Orientalists like Bernard Lewis, Turkish intellectuals had already engaged in creating linear and binary models of transformation. For instance, the driving motive of Ahmet

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Free from State Violence or Free to Comply?

A Revised Typology of Coercion and Repression in Liberal Democracies

Barbora Capinska

Substitution Model of Government Coercion .” Journal of Conflict Resolution 44 ( 1 ): 107 – 127 . 10.1177/0022002700044001006 Pion-Berlin , David . 1986 . “ Theories on Political Repression in Latin America: Conventional Wisdom and an Alternative

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Wolfgang Merkel and Jean-Paul Gagnon

reference point will be. Is it a theoretical model or is it something that’s historically happened? One thing that I don’t like from Colin Crouch’s book Postdemocracy (2004) is the argument that there was once a peak of democracy and that now we are on a

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Tuğçe Kayaal

circumstances of the total war experience brought in new definitions of citizenship and nation that hinged on a developmental model for boyhood in alliance with heterosexual Turkish-Muslim masculinity. The state perceived Münir Bey's molestation of orphan boys

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The Will of the People?

Carl Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Rousseau on a Key Question in Democratic Theory

Samuel Salzborn

are founded upon a social model defined by wage labor relationships, it can never entirely fulfill its promise of freedom. Any attempt to do so would destroy its economic foundation, along with its legal one. This is the hidden source of the concept of

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“What They Had between Their Legs Was a Form of Cash”

Homosexuality, Male Prostitution, and Intergenerational Sex in 1950s Italy

Alessio Ponzio

income and as a “phase” that did not define who they were. Male hustlers, audaciously offering their sexual services to other men, resisted clear-cut sexual categories and showed with their blunt behaviors the queerness of a decade whose gender models and