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The Worth of the ‘While’

Time and Taxes in a Finnish Timebank

Matti Eräsaari

income is easily lost when we operate within a money-based administrative order, something that can be taken for granted in most taxation regimes nowadays. This is why anthropological studies of taxation—while engaging closely related phenomena such as

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Made in Nigeria

Duress and Upwardly Mobile Youth in the Biography of a Young Entrepreneur in Enugu

Inge Ligtvoet

workshop on a school campus in Enugu, southeast Nigeria. Fame and money, he believes, would ultimately help him achieve his goal of impacting the lives of youth who, like him, have been constrained by their family background and by Nigeria’s harsh

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Crisis and retirement

Alienation in Kerala's tea belt

Jayaseelan Raj

eligible for the monthly pension, which varies from 700 to 1,000 rupees depending on years of service. The pension scheme was implemented only in 1972. Most Valley estate retirees do not have pension, since they did not have the money to pay the initial

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‘Integrating Human to Quality’

Capacity Building across Cambodian Worlds

Casper Bruun Jensen

less impossible. But it doesn’t matter much; most of the men come to drink, play pool, flirt, grope, or perhaps go home with one of the women. This is not strictly prostitution, though sex for money is an important dimension of business. The bars

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‘Abd al-Raḥīm Kamāl’s Dahsha

An Upper Egyptian Lear

Noha Mohamad Mohamad Ibraheem

’s stepbrother ʿAllām squandered his time and money chasing women. A bastard son called Rāḍī, who shows up one night at his door as a young man, is the fruit of one of ʿAllām’s amorous adventures. Determined to legitimize himself, Rāḍī schemes to take everything

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Repaying the Debts of the Dead

Kinship, Microfinance, and Mortuary Practice on the Paraguayan Frontier

Caroline E. Schuster

neighborhood store [ almacen ] takes charge of the funeral and compensates the parents of the child with some sum of money. They often call this practice ‘buying the funeral of the angelito .’ The store owner’s interests are served in that he or she can sell

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Diplomat, Landlord, Con-artist, Thief

Housing Brokers and the Mediation of Risk in Migrant Moscow

Madeleine Reeves

. Information is money!’ Sanjar rubbed his fingers together as though rustling dollars. This paper explores the work of keeping a roof over one’s head in the Moscow migrant economy as a domain that is at once highly mediated, saturated with social and ethical

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‘Which is the merchant here, and which the Jew?’

Alterity, Sameness and Irony in Venice

Anna Carleton Forrester

Jews advantageously. Beginning in the late fourteenth century, after lengthy wars and a stint of the black death had a detrimental effect on the economy, the Venetian government permitted money-lending in hopes of bringing financial aid into the city

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The ethnographic negative

Capturing the impress of boredom and inactivity

Bruce O’Neill

“What boredom,” Dani sighed. “And every day is like this.” His friend Razvan nodded slowly in agreement, drawing deeply on his cigarette. “There’s no work. There’s no money. There’s nothing to do but sit here.” We sat atop a shallow flight of stairs

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Life at a Tangent to Law

Regulations, ‘Mistakes’ and Personhood amongst Kigali’s Motari

Will Rollason

for the first time, and rented them out to people who could ride them as taxis. At that time, the number of young men able to do so (with or without a proper license) was very limited, and as a result they could make a great deal of money. As the