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Understanding Mobilities in a Dangerous World

Gail Adams-Hutcheson, Holly Thorpe, and Catharine Coleborne

spaces to traverse. Sustainable mobilities, climate change and human mobility, mobility justice, historical mobilities in new perspectives, the mobilities of disease and war, and mobilities and the borders of the nation-state are just a few. At the

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The End of the European Honeymoon?

Refugees, Resentment and the Clash of Solidarities

Siobhan Kattago

right-wing populists who juxtapose the European project of the free movement of people with an insular nation state. Europe’s new right is no longer a fringe movement but is steadily becoming mainstream, testing the very openness of the Europe that was

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Imagining Futures of Energy

Views from Central Asia

Markus S. Schulz

professionally presented with perfectly balanced lighting and well-planned didactics. Yet, the expo did not overcome fundamental biases associated with the expositors’ nation-state and corporate perspectives. The national pavilions reflected a range of government

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“Eyes Shut, Muted Voices”

Narrating and Temporalizing the Post–Civil War Era through a Monument

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou

‘uncivilized savages’ ( Gefou-Madianou 1992 , 1999 ). During the long construction process of the Greek nation-state (from the 1900s through the beginning of the twentieth century), these characteristics of the Arvanitic speakers acquired ethnic connotations

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Changing Places, Changing People

Critical Heritages of Migration and Belonging

Susannah Eckersley

Across Europe and beyond, much is being made of the perceived breakdown of the nation state, which was historically configured as a ‘container’ of heritage formations, adopting and perusing local traditions where possible but oppressing them where

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Nigel Rapport

Hapsburg Empire – and experiencing first-hand the anti-Semitism of the Germanic lobby – Herzl realised that the Jews too were ‘a nation’ and should aspire to a nation-state of their own. In The State of the Jews ([1896] 2012) he argued (presciently) that

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Liesa Rühlmann and Sarah McMonagle

nation-state ‘norm’. Many plurilingual individuals experience acts of ‘linguicism’ ( Skutnabb-Kangas 1988 ), which are acts of racism based on the languages they speak. However, critical reflections on ‘race’ and ‘racism’ are still largely absent in

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Globalizing the History of French Decolonization

Jessica Lynne Pearson

-evident,” Isabel Hofmeyr has explained, but they can be generally described as approaches to history that attempt to move beyond the nation-state—or, in this case, the imperial nation-state—as the field of analysis. 5 Whereas the study of French history has

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Richard Ivan Jobs, Judith Surkis, Laura Lee Downs, Nimisha Barton, and Kimberly A. Arkin

inspiring book challenges conventional historical thinking by refusing to regard history as simply unfolding in the nation-state’s empty, homogenous time. By exploring the intersections between the postwar poetry and politics of Aimé Césaire and Léopold

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First as Tragedy, Then as Teleology

The Politics/People Dichotomy in the Ethnography of Post-Yugoslav Nationalization

Stef Jansen

,” the Ljubićs argued, “but we can’t expect results overnight.” They occasionally praised certain politicians, but more frequently they evoked the very blessing of having one’s own state (i.e., “nation-state”) and the superiority of nationalized