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Living Through and Living On?

Participatory Humanitarian Architecture in the Jarahieh Refugee Settlement, Lebanon

Riccardo Luca Conti, Joana Dabaj, and Elisa Pascucci

participatory intervention in development and aid, participatory humanitarian architecture is ridden with discrepancies and asymmetries. The widely discussed power imbalances between those who intervene and plan and those who are invited to participate have

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Undocumented People (En)Counter Border Policing

Near and Far from the US Border

Denise Brennan

they exercise a tremendous degree of power. This research project on everyday life without documentation grows out of my previous book that follows the first recipients of trafficking visas to remain in the United States ( Brennan 2014 ). What is

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Steven Brooke, Dafne Accoroni, Olga Ulturgasheva, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Eugenia Roussou, Francesco Vacchiano, Jeffrey D. Howison, Susan Greenwood, Yvonne Daniel, Joana Bahia, Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Charles Lincoln Vaughan, Katrien Pype, and Linda van de Kamp

yardstick of civilization. Social scientists such as Edmond Doutté (1867–1926) described the Berbers and their medicine as characterized by primitivism and maraboutism , the belief in the divine healing power of the marabout (spiritual leader). Sufism and

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Raili Nugin

researching the visual: (a) How social difference is produced and reproduced in the images (b) How the audience looks at the images (c) How visual images are situated in a wider visual culture (questions of social power) (d) Who are the audiences of

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Motorcycling in 1980s Athens

Popularization, Representational Politics, and Social Identities

Panagiotis Zestanakis

Communication, just 33,676 motorcycles were circulating on the roads of Athens in 1977. This number had almost quadrupled by the early 1990s. 8 Since many riders, especially owners of low-powered motorbikes, avoided declaring their vehicles to the authorities

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(Re)Constructing the Baikal-Amur Mainline

Continuity and Change of (Post)Socialist Infrastructure

Olga Povoroznyuk

community development. However, a new way of organizing labor, nontransparent funding and management schemes, and unequal power relations, where non-local interests dominate over the needs of local communities, seemingly feed into another cycle of public

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(Dis)Connected Rail

Infrastructural Suspension and Phatic Politics in Romania

Adrian Deoancă

, and residents and commuters curse the state, politicians, and railroad companies for having abandoned them. Although disjointed materially, the railroad retains the power to connect politically, to foment mobilization, and to generate affective states

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Christopher Howard and Wendelin Küpers

central motives identified by travelers were (1) coming to the source or origin of spiritual traditions and “power places,” (2) exotic and authentic cultural experiences, and (3) nature-based challenges in the form of mountain treks. There was almost

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Bülent Diken

social network is rich and powerful in comparison to the local peasants. He likes giving the impression of being a benevolent landlord but does not hesitate to exercise his power to collect rents. At the same time, he has intellectual ambitions (‘aydın

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Conservation-Induced Resettlement

The Case of the Baka of Southeast Cameroon—A Variation on the Habitual Mobility–Immobility Nexus

Harrison Esam Awuh

Cresswell reminds us of the need to constantly consider the politics of obduracy, fixity, and friction. 15 Furthermore, my study places the notion of power relations at the center of discussions about mobility and immobility. According to the Foucauldian