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Replenishing Milk Sons

Changing Kinship Practices among the Sahrāwī, North Africa

Konstantina Isidoros

). The ‘strengths’ (i.e. ‘weaknesses’) of weak ties ( Granovetter 1973 , 1983 ) implicit in these matri-features, I think, are not necessarily problematic but instead correlate with the encounter with the Spanish colonial period and to changes in the

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Henry Dyson

’s religious prison; that faith at its best gives courage and strength for adventurous, creative living rather than religious certainty; that freedom of religious thought and practice is essential if a society is worthy of being called civilized and humane

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Claudia Mitchell

editorial team that includes two young Indigenous women, Kirsten and Kari-dawn, who are both members of the National Indigenous Young Women’s Council (NIYWC) and, as such, it draws on the strength of an organization of young Indigenous women. Second, it

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Yoram Peri

to which the Zionist perception of time relies on strength. The security style is the source of social cohesion, a mechanism that gives priority to the settlement movement, and which presents conscription as volunteering, even though it is actually

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“Be Prepared!” (But Not Too Prepared)

Scouting, Soldiering, and Boys’ Roles in World War I

Lucy Andrew

Empire and in the role of and attitudes toward its youngest British inhabitants in the early twentieth century. In the wake of Britain’s struggle to victory in the Boer War in 1902, anxieties about the strength of the empire and its defense mechanisms

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Eugene Heimler

A Hero of the Twentieth Century

Miriam Bracha Heimler

had received in his childhood. These happy memories gave him the strength to survive. As a child at home, he had always dreamt of becoming a poet; before and during the war he had already written and published poems. He had dreamt of becoming one day a

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Amy Cox Hall, Sergio González Varela, Jessica S.R. Robinson, Peter Weisensel, and David Wills

struggled with. The great strength of these essays is that they also reflect on how these experiences may have impacted their research. They offer insight and advice without being a “how-to” guide. Given that recurring themes in the essays include advice

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Patrick McEvoy

insights into the functioning of GAS groups and the movement that would probably not have been accessible had she not been a committed member, and this is a key strength of Beyond Alternative Food Networks . Her discussion of the “crosscutting counter

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Shane Harrison

emotional sensitivity as relational strength and self-respect. In Gartner’s own chapter, depth is provided to the experiences of those who are sexually abused by priests. He elaborates through clinical examples on the spiritual effect and meaning to the

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New Mobilities, Spaces, and Ideas to Market

European Travel Writers and the Making of a Genre—Comment

Steven D. Spalding

benefit to both fields of inquiry. I examine the ambitions of the section, discuss strengths and weaknesses of each article, and then conclude with thoughts on ways forward. The introduction explains that “itinerant knowledge” is about travel narratives