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Naïve scientists and conflict analysis

Learning through case studies

R. William Ayres

; Jeong 1999 ; Kriesberg 1998 ; Nye 2005 ; Pruitt, Rubin and Kim 2004 ) reflect this approach, which is driven more by the authors’ instinct to theorise than students’ approach to learning. Those few books that have adopted a case-study approach

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Timothy Reese Cain

This concluding contribution to the special issue on the Ethnography of the University Initiative based at the University of Illinois locates the project at the intersections of several of the main currents in modern higher education: the push for undergraduate research, calls for critical inquiry into higher education, an interest in pedagogical communities and excitement over technological innovation. It further identifies the challenges facing EUI as it enters its second decade.

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Stephanie A. Limoncelli

As social scientists seek to assist undergraduate students in learning about, analysing and navigating the rapid changes that have been occurring in the world today, they have sought both curricular and pedagogical transformations. Social science

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Riding alone on the elevator

A class experiment in interdisciplinary education

Anna M. Frank, Rebecca Froese, Barbara C. Hof, Maike I. E. Scheffold, Felix Schreyer, Mathias Zeller, and Simone Rödder

and natural sciences is the lack of joint conceptual models of society and its relation to the climate system ( Rödder 2016 ). It was the idea of the course ‘Introduction to the social sciences’ in a climate Master’s programme for students with natural

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Between Afropolitans and new Sankaras

Class mobility and the reproduction of academics in Burkina Faso

Michelle Engeler

, reshared, and retweeted in 2014 as many Burkinabe, among them also students, mobilized and took to the streets to overthrow a government that they saw as part of a corrupt political elite out of touch with their needs and that prevented their access to

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Heritage or hate?

A pedagogical guide to the confederate flag in post-race America

Cameron D. Lippard

often uncovers continuing issues of racial prejudice and discrimination ( Khanna and Harris 2015 ; Mueller 2011 ; Warmington 2009 ). Thus, how do we discuss this controversial symbol in the United States where most college students today believe in a

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‘Being TED’

The university intellectual as globalised neoliberal consumer self

Wesley Shumar

expansion came to an end and the first big crisis of overproduction of the postwar period began, higher education saw its resources and its market for students contract. The response to this situation was to define education as a product that needed to be

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A Literacy Landscape Unresolved

Beyond the Boy Crisis and into Superhero Fiction

Michael Kehler and Jacob Cassidy

, Behaviour, Confidence , which uses Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test results to identify gender gaps in education, including the underperformance of boys in literacy. Recommendations by assessment organizations such as PISA

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Minestrone Stories

Teaching anthropology through serendipitous cultural exchanges

Regnar Kristensen

The teaching experiment I shall reflect upon grew out of a joint effort to try and create some events where teachers, students and local citizens in Copenhagen who did not know each other were able to meet and discover things unknown to them by

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“I Hope Nobody Feels Harassed”

Teacher Complicity in Gender Inequality in a Middle School

Susan McCullough

process, boys at the school necessarily exerted power over the girls in order to maintain their role. A major finding from the study was that the strong dichotomy between traditional male and female roles was rigorously policed by the students. (In the