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Dissenting from Redemption

Judaism and Political Theology

Alana M. Vincent

, Krister Stendahl and the Second Vatican Council, to name a few – to expose, examine and cast out the negative assumptions inherited from the adversos legacy and to emphasize a common ground between Christianity and Judaism. While this theological turn is

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Jonathan Elukin

argued that Shylock and the pair of Antonio and Portia personify the conflict between Justice and Mercy, or the Old Law of the Jews and the new dispensation of Christianity. Coghill believes that ‘Shylock, therefore, should seem a great Old Testament

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The Schoolboy Sports Story

A Phenomenon and a Period Distinctive in the Cultural History of America

R.W. (Bob) Reising

, but readers reared on trade books will find it difficult to access. It is unfortunate, too, that Muscular Christianity receives but one brief mention; as Clifford Putney explains in Muscular Christianity (2001) , that movement proved powerful during

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Kim Knibbe, Brenda Bartelink, Jelle Wiering, Karin B. Neutel, Marian Burchardt, and Joan Wallach Scott

racialized and gendered other. Christianity is mainly discussed in its entanglement with secularism. Scott points out that European Christianity is white and therefore a racialized construction. Yet her analysis motivates further investigation of how multiple

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Interfaith Families

A Jewish Perspective

Edward van Voolen

then starts to wonder what Christianity really deeply means to him or her, and similarly, the Jewish partner discovers that she or he maybe has grown up in Judaism but did not pay much attention to it at all, but now that s/he met a person from another

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Lenience in Systems of Religious Meaning and Practice

Maya Mayblin and Diego Malara

failure as sin is central to the very idea of Christianity, for “without it, Christianity would not have the shape it has; it would not define salvation in the ways it does nor would it make salvation central to its definition of religious purpose

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On Knowing Faith

Theology, Everyday Religion, and Anthropological Theory

Joel Robbins

or in spite of them. As it happens, I never did that study. A different kind of anthropological ignorance then prevalent about the extent and nature of the global spread of Christianity meant that neither I nor any of the anthropologists who had

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Adeel Hamza and John Gannon

Judaism’ and ‘Gentiles who studied Judaism’, what remains certain is that many of them operated under ‘the magical spell of Christianity’s historical success’ (Jacob Taubes 2010: 46). 1 Perhaps it is not so easy to conjure away magic as is thought. Mauss

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The Personal and the Political

Simon Coleman and Sondra L. Hausner

striking: in many cases they are not only about ideas but also about friendships. A well-known strand in Asad's work has explored the entangled genealogies of Christianity and Islam. Further juxtapositions of these two religions occur elsewhere in this

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The Uncanniness of Missionary Others

A Discursive Analysis of a Century of Anthropological Writings on Missionary Ethnographers

Travis Warren Cooper

, agendas that ultimately derive from questions of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ religion (or ‘natural’ versus ‘revealed’, and so on). Partially constituted by intellectualist travelers influenced by Christianity ( Douglas 1966 ; McGrane 1989 ), and encountering