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In Memoriam Rabbi Dr Lionel Blue OBE, 6 February 1930–19 December 2016

Rabbi Jonathan Magonet

things which they can use for the growth of goodness within them, and for the well-being of others. Through gay people God heals some of the divisions of the world. The difficulties and rejections, which gays experience transcend the division of race

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Jessica McCall

burst from them. A beautiful, healing laughter that washed away the poison of Iago’s words. ‘Oh God, Hero,’ Beatrice said, reaching out and grabbing one of Hero’s hands. ‘I know,’ Hero agreed. ‘Me too.’ Beatrice pulled Hero into a tight hug, suddenly

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Calm Vessels

Cultural Expectations of Pregnant Women in Qatar

Susie Kilshaw, Daniel Miller, Halima Al Tamimi, Faten El-Taher, Mona Mohsen, Nadia Omar, Stella Major, and Kristina Sole

healers) and interviews. Secondary participants provided additional material on Qatari pregnancy, birth and loss. Husbands and family members (particularly sisters and mothers) were interviewed, as were health professionals and religious leaders. The data

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Investigating the Investigators

French Colonial Attempts to Supervise Its Policing System during the 1930s*

Ruth Ginio

supplemented in 1918 by the influenza pandemic that caused many casualties and challenged the healing powers of their shrines. This calamity further enhanced Diola resistance to conscription and forced labor. 17 In the years following the French expansion into

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Anthropological Knowledge Making, the Reflexive Feedback Loop, and Conceptualizations of the Soul

Katherine Swancutt and Mireille Mazard

revealing the feedback loop that has brought a veteran fieldworker’s experiences with healing practices among animistic groups into dialogue with indigenous healers in Alaska and Africa. Turner’s remarkable career points to some of the possibilities that can

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Kuang-Yi Ku

enhancement is called yi xing bu xing (以形補形), which means that an ill person can consume an animal organ or part to nourish or heal the corresponding or similarly shaped human organ or body part. For instance, eating pig liver is good for our liver. The

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“SpiritS Follow the words”

Stories as Spirit Traces among the Khmu of Northern Laos

Rosalie Stolz

documented by Lindell et al. (1984: 178) explains—a story that I heard in a similar form in 2014. Once upon a time, a dog accidentally swallowed a medicinal object ( ckiar ) that had been prepared by a healer. It had fallen through the gaps in the house

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Claudia Mitchell and Ann Smith

girls have been left out of the national pandemic response, they continue to carry intergenerational healing knowledges that have been passed down from the kokums (grandmas) to the iskwêsisisak (girls).” They describe the “innovative and community

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Public Health in Eastern Europe

Visible Modernization and Elusive Gender Transformation

Evguenia Davidova

population increase and quantification; the other two chapters present two case studies of empirical healers and illustrate how laws were translated into (and contested by) the realities of rural life. While the modernizing impulses from the urban centers

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Ebola and Accusation

Gender and Stigma in Sierra Leone’s Ebola Response

Olive Melissa Minor

epidemic, the government of Sierra Leone banned traditional healers and herbalists from practising traditional medicine, placing blame on local healers for fuelling the outbreak. Organisations engaged in the Sierra Leone response belatedly began dialogue