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“Till I Have Done All That I Can”

An Auxiliary Nurse’s Memories of World War I

Michelle Moravec

facilitated her transfer to the hospital where she had first worked in the fall of 1914. Second to the Red Cross in the summer of 1917, the American Ambulance Hospital of Clarke’s first nursing stint now stood as the model medical facility in France, known as

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

narrative. The relationship of actor to narrative is both retrospective and prospective. She finds meaning by situating past actions within a story that makes sense of her passage through time. In turn, she imaginatively explores narratives that model

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Frans Ciappara

patron of the parish. Holy relics’ triumphal entry into the village was also consciously modeled on the ceremonial of a newly elected grand master’s possession of the towns. 76 This ceremonial should not be presented exclusively as a device by which the

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Neither Shadow nor Spectre

Populism as the Ideological Embodiment of the Democratic Paradox

Anthony Lawrence Borja

his model of the state, it would regulate the major social and economic functions and goals of the society without intervening directly into the areas of individual prerogatives which constitute the inalienable rights of, for example, individuals

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Patrick Cockburn

kinds – from the most basic to the most complex – would be met through direct cooperation not mediated by a state: ‘How crude the governmental model seems by comparison, whether in social administration, industry, education or economic planning. No

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Competing Visions

The Visual Culture of the Congo Free State and Fin de Siècle Europe

Matthew G. Stanard

” [ Mouvement géographique , between geography and colonial propaganda], Belgeo 1 (2008): 27–46, doi: 10.4000/belgeo.10172 . 22 Frits Scholten, “Charles Samuels Nele , model, fragment, cliché,” Bulletin van het Rijks Museum [Bulletin of the Rijksmuseum

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Kant’s Contradiction in Conception Test

A Causal-Teleological Version of the Logical Contradiction Interpretation

James Furner

other hand, the Groundwork ’s application of the CC test to a maxim of false promising, which is generally regarded as more of a success, is usually interpreted along the model of PCI ( Allison 2011: 186–187 ; Aune 1979: 54 ; Dietrichson 1964: 158

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Neoliberalism, Hedonism and the Dying Public

Reclaiming Political Agency through the Exercise of Courage

Grant M. Sharratt and Erik Wisniewski

ever before, individuals were given their own sphere, one in which there should be no interference by the government. The previous site of private life, the household, was expanded outward; this new model of the private sphere expanded into various

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Migration to the “First Large Suburban Ghetto” in America

Korean Immigrant Merchants in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s

Chanhaeng Lee

relationships with neighbors as a model of racial harmony: “We all love him. … There isn’t one bad thing you can say about Lee,” said one neighbor, recalling that Lee had attended his father’s funeral. 62 As Sung Hak Choi points out, however, the efforts of

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“Purely Artistic”

Police Power and Popular Culture in Colonial Algerian Theater

Danielle Beaujon

suggest, such binary terms fix historical actors into rigid choices. 71 In this two-dimensional model, Algerians were either nationalists, fighting for their country, or pro-French béni-oui-ouis , selling out to the colonial state. 72 But Algerians