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Dudziro Nhengu

exploitation, and SDG 16.2, which targets to end all forms of violence against children. Migrants become minorities in countries of destination, lacking participation and integration, especially in those countries where ethnic and cultural diversity are a

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“If the coronavirus doesn’t kill us, hunger will”

Regional absenteeism and the Wayuu permanent humanitarian crisis

Claudia Puerta Silva, Esteban Torres Muriel, Roberto Carlos Amaya Epiayú, Alicia Dorado González, Fatima Epieyú, Estefanía Frías Epinayú, Álvaro Ipuana Guariyü, Miguel Ramírez Boscán, and Jakeline Romero Epiayú

routes in the Wayuu ancestral territory both in Colombia and Venezuela. Map 1 Map showing the routes in the Wayuu ancestral territory as narrated by the Zahino elders. Source: Esteban Torres Muriel with the participation of Zahino's people

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Fredy B.L. Tobing and Asra Virgianita

globalization, average 5% economic growth rates, and constitute 35% of Latin America's gross domestic product ( UNASUR, n.d ). The establishment of the Pacific Alliance and the participation of Mexico, Chile, and Peru in various international organizations

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Whither the people in the ASEAN Community?

Prospects in regional community building above and below the state

See Seng Tan

acute failure in its quest to be a caring, people-based regional community ( Lego, 2017 ). Nor can it be ruled out that ASEAN members resist repurposing their participation in disaster management for deterrence since HADR exercises and operations provide

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Zenyram Koff Maganda

our planet, for ourselves, and for the future ( Ayora, 2020 ). Youth can promote sustainable development in many ways. I believe in creating constructive intergenerational dialogues and youth participation in political discussions, but I do not

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Violence and public health in the Altamira region

The construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant

Rosa Elizabeth Acevedo Marin and Assis da Costa Oliveira

indigenous villages, because of a unilateral decision of the entrepreneur to make an assessment of the vulnerabilities and priorities of attendance without any consultation or participation of indigenous peoples. Such power to decide who will receive

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Assisted “voluntary” return of women to Kosovo

Rhetoric and reality within the framework of development

Sandra Sacchetti

them into subjects of development (aka “change agents”) capable of restoring valuable human capital to their home countries. Hence, signing up for AVR participation becomes a depoliticizing act, a transmutation from which a new migrant category can

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Improving and protecting human rights

A reflection of the quality of education for migrant and marginalized Roma children in Europe

Silvia-Maria Chireac and Anna Devis Arbona

achievement. Generally speaking, the main problems identified include early school abandonment, poor school participation and the existence of separate classes for Roma children. Romania’s situation is similar to that of Bulgaria and other countries from

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M. Guadalupe Torres-Jiménez, Rene Murrieta-Galindo, Beatriz Bolívar-Cimé, Astrid Wojtarowski-Leal, and M. Ángeles Piñar-Álvarez

, Rural Development and Fishing ( SEDARPA, 2019 ) provides services to growers aimed at modernizing production, promoting participation in trade fairs and integrating the State's growers into international supply chains and trade networks. Neither of these

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To Be or Not to Be a Hero

Recognition and Citizenship among Disabled Veterans of the Sri Lankan Army

Matti Weisdorf and Birgitte Refslund Sørensen

infrequently, however, it was just sitting, enjoying or bearing with the company of one another. Participation, therefore, was on many occasions sharing the boredom of impossibly hot days passing by, granting Weisdorf privileged, if always situated and hence