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From In-Itself to Practico-Inert

Freedom, Subjectivity and Progress

Kimberly S. Engels

’ which mediates the possibilities for our projects. This ontological realm includes human-made objects, language, passively received ideas, social objects or institutions, and class being. Showing the transition from in-itself in BN to practico-inert in

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On Misfitness

Reflections in and out of Fashion

James D. Faubion

were by and large wrong-headed (see Needham 1971 , 1975 ). To his mind, those conventions had long rested on the presumption that the classes appropriate to their inquiries would, if rigorously formulated, denote general types, the tokens of which

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Review Article

Simon Grennan, Roger Sabin and Julian Waite, Marie Duval (Oxford: Myriad Editions, 2018)

David Kunzle

aiming, unlike Punch , at a female and lower-class audience. The moment was propitious: after two decades of national prosperity during which the GNP almost doubled, the demand (a push from below) was felt for some cultural irreverence and novelty. Maybe

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Chalk Back

The Girl and Youth-Led Street Art Movement to #StopStreetHarassment

Natasha Harris-Harb and Sophie Sandberg

The Chalk Back movement that started in March 2016 is a rapidly growing collective of over 150 young activists from around the world. As part of a university class project, Sophie decided to collect experiences of street harassment, write them out

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Masculinity on Stage

Dueling in the Greek Capital, 1870–1918

Dimitra Vassiliadou

manifestation. The duel, from the second half of the nineteenth century to its decline sometime within the first third of the twentieth century, was defined as a modern practice conveying particular middle-class characteristics. 1 Following recent trends in the

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Marcos S. Scauso, Garrett FitzGerald, Arlene B. Tickner, Navnita Chadha Behera, Chengxin Pan, Chih-yu Shih, and Kosuke Shimizu

democracy visible opens space for more substantive consideration of how these equalities and inequities cut across the axes of race, gender, class, and other constructed categories coimbricated within the legacies of coloniality. Subsequently, we explore

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Hydrologic Habitus

Wells, Watering Practices, and Water Supply Infrastructure

Brock Ternes and Brian Donovan

resistance to water conservation. In our view, water usage is part of the cultural condition of class membership but not reducible to class. Our research provides evidence that well ownership is significantly linked with water usage and drought-time behaviors

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Putting-out’s return

Informalization and differential subsumption in Thailand’s garment sector

Stephen Campbell

capitalist development are sought within antecedent and ongoing working-class struggles. Combined, these two aspects of putting-out’s contemporary expansion in Thailand highlight the place of class struggle in the dynamics of capitalism’s perpetually

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Experiencing Graduated Intimacies during Lockdown (Fengcheng)

A Reflexive and Comparative Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Urban China

Junjie Chen

-socialist transformations – transformations that are now evolving into full-blown, class-based distinctions ( Anagnost 2008 ). By contrasting ordinary citizens’ confined and stressful daily experiences with those of people who had a variety of privileges regarding access to

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Gigi Moti

and his parents? What is the connection between that history and his rejection? Moreover, why does he want to move to a place that refuses to accept him and threaten an appeal to the Supreme Court? I argue that the tension is rooted in aspects of class