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A New Kind of Monster, Cowboy, and Crusader?

Gender Hegemony and Flows of Masculinities in Pixar Animated Films

Elizabeth Al-Jbouri and Shauna Pomerantz

are decidedly more simplistic. Heroes follow a tradition of “manliness” that includes brute strength, adventurousness, emotional stoicism (except for anger), and default heterosexuality. Examples of such connections to hegemonic masculinities are

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Alex Lichtenstein

‘serial’ to ‘group’ praxis, in which the ‘relation to the other is a source of strength rather than of weakness’. More often than not, this transformation in consciousness was provoked by ‘a situation which suddenly illuminates the possibility of action

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On Halbwachs's Sociology of Knowledge Program

The Two Hidden Categories of ‘La doctrine d'Émile Durkheim’

Jean-Christophe Marcel

impose themselves with the same strength as ours based on logic and science. This strength comes from a tendency, common to the members of the tribe, to project into nature and to impose on things the divisions of society. Thus, for the Wutaroo and

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Hannah Callaway, Alec G. Hargreaves, and John P. Murphy

understandable if Kleppinger stops short of fully answering them. But she is firmly of the view that socio-political readings of her corpus “do not always do justice to the full artistic strengths of the novels” (4), and she offers at least three different types

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The Schoolboy Sports Story

A Phenomenon and a Period Distinctive in the Cultural History of America

R.W. (Bob) Reising

be otherwise in the new millennium. Yet it could have garnered even greater strength—and more readers outside the academy—had the author presented the material in a more engaging writing style; scholars and researchers will delight in what he offers

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Understanding Mobilities in a Dangerous World

Gail Adams-Hutcheson, Holly Thorpe, and Catharine Coleborne

dangerous places and spaces, and the imagined, physical, digital, and creative mobilities of different groups (such as children, youth, and homeless) under duress. In so doing, the authors draw on the interdisciplinary strengths of sociocultural geography

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Or The Art of Affection in Nicolette Krebitz’s Wild

Tanja Prokić

, the wildest of all animals in direct proximity to human society, strikes back. Historically a symbol for autonomy, freedom, strength, and sovereignty, the wolf embodies the cultural history and projection surface upon which questions of governability

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Susan Cohen

English Universities, was a remarkable achievement for a woman – she was one of only fourteen female politicians in the house, which numbered 615 in total. She soon showed her strength, emerging as possibly the most powerful backbencher of the age

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J. Cammaert Raval

, to shield the British public and the world from the hypocrisy of the civilizing mission. The greatest strength of An Uncertain Age is Ocobock’s skillful drawing from archival material, life histories, and quantitative analysis. Conducting 80

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Mimi Sheller and Gijs Mom

analysis of films. Thus, his work embodies the strengths of cross-disciplinary and historical perspectives that Transfers advocates. Following the research articles, we offer an engaging call to action in our Ideas in Motion section. In “Automobiles and