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From Act to Fact

The Transformation of Suicide in Western Thought

Daniel Gordon

Catholic doctrine. There are no strictures against suicide in the Old or New Testaments, 20 and, given the emphasis of early Christianity on martyrdom and self-sacrifice, one is hardly surprised that some theologians prior and contemporaneous to Augustine

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The Image of Jews as Constructed by Lexical Items

Translations of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice as a Case in Point

Xiu Gao

to Christianity as Antonio requires. Due to the conversion, Shylock is redeemed from his eternal sin: ‘the Jews will regain God’s favour, and their conversion will signal the final redemption’. 12 Therefore, in White’s translation, the result for

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The New Nationalism?

Antecedents of the Alternative for Germany's Islamfeindlichkeit

J Sterphone

Enlightenment, the “shared heritage” of Christianity, and semi-linear narratives of consistent progress toward democracy, albeit with missteps. These also became points around which German elites organized critique of Islam. Jürgen Habermas's conception of and

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Khaled Furani

generally bestowed. Douglas herself, raised in a convent, found use for various theological sources on Hebrew scriptures and medieval Christianity in her Purity and Danger , and her Thomas Aquinas Lecture serves as a foundation for her iconic work, Natural

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Postcolonial Finance

The Political History of ‘Risk-Versus-Reward’ Investment in Emerging Markets

Cecilia Schultz

cannibals, and makes this prisoner his servant. Crusoe also names this servant Friday, teaches him English, and converts him to Christianity. He teaches him the tools and mechanisms that enabled him to survive on the island, and attribute these ‘civilised

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Class versus Nation

A History of Richard Turner’s Eclipse and Resurgence

Ian Macqueen

). Written for a public audience under the auspices of the Study Project on Christianity in Apartheid Society (SPRO-CAS), a remarkable commission funded by the Christian Institute and South African Council of Churches that explored practical alternatives to

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Women, Gender, Law, and Remembering Shona Kelly Wray

Linda E. Mitchell

shaped, for example, the nineteenth century’s view of the past as populated by public males and private females, and energized by the confident triumphalism of Western Christianity, be maintained. Organizations such as the Society for Medieval Feminist

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Philo of Stockholm

The Unrequited Love of Rabbi Marcus Ehrenpreis

Göran Rosenberg

that same enlightenment, firmly believing in the power of reason to change minds, the task Mendelssohn set for himself was to demonstrate that Judaism was as reasoned and rational a religion as ever Christianity, in certain aspects perhaps even more so

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Lev Taylor

are susceptible to the religious influences of our countrymen, as they are susceptible to ours. It is true that certain features in their faith have strengthened our development’. 80 Montagu wanted to emulate the best that she saw in Christianity

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Winnifred Fallers Sullivan

Muslims, but also by Buddhist Sinhalese, has become the site for a majoritarian-nationalist polemic on behalf of the ‘bio-moral superiority’ of modernist Buddhism in relation to Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, and even for what she terms violent “anti