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Steven Eastwood

without Hegelian proportions, without image, without limits—and gives this assemblage its absolute potential: the movement and flourishing of anti-production. The BwO is a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional desiring machine, no longer distorted by operations

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Michele Barker

of total division, absolute visibility. There is never complete perception of the imperceptible. Instead, to feel imperceptibility we require a new approach to the creation of images that are both sustained by and create movement. While Bergson

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Beyond the Individual Body

Spinoza's Radical Enactivism and You Were Never Really Here

Francesco Sticchi

characters. The movie's general experiential dimension, however, deconstructs and deviates from the norms of the genre, and presents an interactive challenge that is mainly based on the absolute impossibility of engaging with a coherent, reliable

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Jason Dean and Geoffrey Raynor

encounters an absolute dichotomy between the light and dark side of the force, with the Jedi and Sith representing pure good and evil. There is no space in between the two sides of the split, nor can there be any compromise or integration of the two. Once an

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Jeff Smith, Dominic Topp, Jason Gendler, and Francesco Sticchi

that our sense of timing is relative rather than absolute. A not particularly fast passage can feel quite quick when juxtaposed with a slower one, so a filmmaker who wants to arrive at a rapid climax should start a scene with long takes, limited

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Other Sides

Loving and Grieving with Heart of a Dog and Merleau-Ponty's Depth

Saige Walton

). Likening depth to the opening of a window (albeit not the window model of art), depth is understood in resolutely positive terms—as an opening onto the “absolute positivity of Being” (2004, 304). 11 Discussing the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky

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Film as the Engine for Learning

A Model to Assess Film's Interest Raising Potential

Winnifred Wijnker, Ed S. Tan, Arthur Bakker, Tamara A. J. M. van Gog, and Paul H. M. Drijvers

cumulative interestingness of a mixed multiple challenge film. In closing, it should be emphasized that the interestingness curve does not represent a series in time of any absolute ratings of a film's interestingness. It is the trends in the curves

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Queer Sinofuturism

The Aberrant Movements and Posthumanist Mutations of Body, Identity, and Matter in Lu Yang's Uterus Man

Gabriel Remy-Handfield

confirms the absolute value of reproductive futurism” (2004: 3). On the other hand, queer subjects are then associated with the death drive for Edelman: “The death drive names what the queer, in the order of the social , is called forth to figure: the

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Designing a New Method of Studying Feature-Length Films

An Empirical Study and its Critical Analysis

Jose Cañas-Bajo, Teresa Cañas-Bajo, Eleni Berki, Juri-Petri Valtanen, and Pertti Saariluoma

individual differences in the number of responses among the participants, we normalized the data by calculating absolute Z-scores (higher scores represent more responses) for each participant. We then calculated the mean average score for each scene and

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Carl Plantinga

its tribe (whether racial or ethnic) under the absolute rule and authority of a leader who is granted complete authority. This devotion to tribe and tribal leader takes on a quasi-religious aspect, becoming a powerful force of inspiration and direction