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Sarah Horton

that the act is wrong: “for A to be ‘less immoral’ does not rid it of the bad faith characterized by objectification and by choosing not to see all the evidence regarding the brutality of counter-violence and terror.” Ibid., 80. 28 Ibid., 65. 29 NE

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John Gillespie, Kyle Shuttleworth, Nik Farrell Fox, and Mike Neary

own justification of anti-colonial violence: ‘counter-violence’, set out in his preface to Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth . 1 It was, however, the actions of an increasingly authoritarian state against its artists, intellectuals and population

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Cyrus Shahan

Baader-Meinhof Gang’s counterviolence. The precisely truncated lyrics, “ heldentum / eigentum / eigenheim / stammheim ,” keywords to the “German Autumn,” overshadow the track at irregular moments. Paired with sequencer and synthesizer distortions

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Tal Correm

counter-violence of resistance (1968: 249–310, 2018: 511–530; Gibson 2018:119–20 ; Gibson and Beneduce 2017 ). Even in situations where there is seemingly a clear distinction between perpetrators and victims, Fanon's analysis in line with the grey zones

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Incarnation, Alienation, and Emancipation

A Sartrean Analysis of Filmic Violence

Daniel Sullivan

- assimilates his human dignity to the counterviolence which maintains it. He dignifies the latter with the name of strength . The upright man must be strong; strength is the proof of his right. The reason is simple: if he is defeated, he is subjected to the

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Brendan Rooney, Hanna Kubicka, Carl Plantinga, James Kendrick, and Johannes Riis

, tragic necessity, counterviolence, instrumental violence, senseless violence, and expressive violence—each of which has its place in both society and its entertainments. He also delves into various aspects of how we respond to film violence emotionally