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Bonee and Fitina

Mbororo Nomads Facing and Adapting to Conflict in Central Africa

Adamou Amadou

The Mbororo in this study, who are part of the larger Fulani/Fulɓe/Peul ethnic group, migrated to the Central African Republic (CAR) from Chad and Cameroon in the 1960s and 1970s. Since the 2000s, nomads in the CAR have been facing serious conflict

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"Our Future Is Already in Jeopardy"

Duress and the Palimpsest of Violence of Two CAR Student Refugees in the DRC

Maria Catherina Wilson Janssens

)—literally “falling on the heads” of Banguissois, to use the words of a CAR writer ( Bepou-Bangue 2013 ). It was finally Patassé’s chief of staff, François Bozizé, with support from President Idriss Déby’s Chad ( ICG 2007: 15–16 ), who “liberated,” to use his

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Ashley Lebner

Collins, John F. 2015. Revolt of the saints: Memory and redemption in the twilight of Brazilian racial democracy . Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Seales, Chad E. 2013. The secular spectacle: Performing religion in a Southern town . Oxford

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Meike J. de Goede

. Matsoua himself was arrested in Paris and sent to Brazzaville for trial. The collected funds were confiscated. Matsoua and his collaborators were tried for swindling, and sent to prison for three years plus an additional decade of forced residency in Chad

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Being a Responsible Violent Girl?

Exploring Female Violence, Self-management, and ADHD

Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist and Linda Arnell

structures work as regulating structures by maintaining appropriate forms of repressive white middle-class femininity, and Chad Posick et al. (2014) points out that normative femininity affects conceptualizations of external and internal emotions linked to

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Social Protest and Its Discontents

A System Justification Perspective

Vivienne Badaan, John T. Jost, Danny Osborne, Chris G. Sibley, Joaquín Ungaretti, Edgardo Etchezahar, and Erin P. Hennes

11205-012-0101-1 Hennes , Erin P. , Hannah H. Nam , Chadly Stern , and John T. Jost . 2012 . “ Not All Ideologies Are Created Equal: Epistemic, Existential, and Relational Needs Predict System-Justifying Attitudes .” Social Cognition 30

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Hebrew Literature in the ‘World Republic of Letters’

Translation and Reception, 1918–2018

Yael Halevi-Wise and Madeleine Gottesman

, edited by Chad Post, at (accessed 5 May 2018). 5 On poetic innovations triggered by translation, including analyses of these poets, see Adriana X. Jacobs (2010

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“It’s Being, Not Doing”

Hospitality and Hostility between Local Faith Actors and International Humanitarian Organizations in Refugee Response

Olivia J. Wilkinson

Ethiopia; the Sahel, particularly Mauritania and Chad; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Nepal; Thailand; Indonesia; Sri Lanka; and Italy. While some of these countries are situated in the Global North, the interview data has been analyzed to focus only on

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Tracey Reimann-Dawe

residing in the province of Kānem in Chad: “[The leader of the tribe] was greatly amused by the musical box, which, along with the clock, I found to be the most suitable instrument with which to convince the natives of the great superiority of European

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Taxes for Independence

Rejecting a Fiscal Model of Reciprocity in Peri-urban Bolivia

Miranda Sheild Johansson

and undesirable (pers. comm., April 2018). Both Roitman (2007) and Guano (2010) have shown that in their field sites in Chad and Italy, respectively, not paying a commercial license as a trader was an act of resistance to a state that the traders