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To Bear Witness After the Era of the Witness

The Projects of Christophe Boltanski and Ivan Jablonka

Donald Reid

marriage to Étienne in 1929, Myriam contracted polio. However, she refused to think of herself as disabled and would not use a wheelchair. When she knew she was going to take a flight at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, with its long escalators, she would go to

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By Sentiment and By Status

Remembering and Forgetting Crémieux during the Franco-Algerian War

Jessica Hammerman

, believers in the colonial project as an emancipatory one. By 1961, two years after Charles de Gaulle announced that all peoples had a right to self-determination, this changed quickly. Jewish leaders could no longer defend the French colonial project with

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The Origins of the Stanley Hoffmann We Knew

Some Comparisons on his Vichy Years with My Family Story

Peter Gourevitch

“Self-Ensnared: Collaboration with Nazi Germany,” 2 and “In the Looking Glass: Sorrow and Pity?” 3 reprinted in a substantial collection of essays 4 that included notable pieces on Charles de Gaulle; contributions to important volumes such as La

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The Office de la Famille Française

Familialism and the National Revolution in 1940s Morocco

Margaret Cook Andersen

in 1940. 29 Moreover, in the wake of the Armistice there was a period of uncertainty as to whether the colonies and protectorates would ally with Vichy or, in solidarity with Charles de Gaulle’s appeal of 18 June, continue to fight Germany. This

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Sophie Meunier

, France was always ambivalent towards European integration. The 1954 rejection of the European Defense Community by the French National Assembly and the 1965 Empty Chair Crisis led by Charles de Gaulle showed that national sovereignty remained a prime

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In Their Best Interests

Diplomacy, Ethics, and Competition in the French World of Adoption

Sébastien Roux

were officially “handed over to the families in shelter from the cameras” 9 even as Carla Bruni-Sarkozy—embodying publicly the authorities’ compassion—joined the press in welcoming them at Roissy–Charles de Gaulle Airport. This first plane was

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Nadia Malinovich

up negative Jewish associations—the Dreyfus Affair, Vichy collaboration, Charles de Gaulle’s decision to side with the Arab League in 1967, and, more recently, a rise in acts of anti-Jewish violence coinciding with the second intifada in 2000—or no

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Aaron Freundschuh, Jonah D. Levy, Patricia Lorcin, Alexis Spire, Steven Zdatny, Caroline Ford, Minayo Nasiali, George Ross, William Poulin-Deltour, and Kathryn Kleppinger

’ mobilizations of 1968 dislodged Charles de Gaulle from power, electoral movements came to count most, leading to the takeover of the SFIO (Section française de l'Internationale ouvrière) by François Mitterrand after 1969 and the creation of the Parti socialiste

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The Origins of the Anti-Liberal Left

The 1979 Vincennes Conference on Neoliberalism

Michael C. Behrent

only taught at the University of Paris-8-Vincennes, but had also played critical roles in founding that unique institution. The “experimental university,” as it was known, was the brainchild of Charles de Gaulle’s education minister, Edgar Faure, who

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Think Global, Fight Local

Recontextualizing the French Army in Algeria, 1954–1962

Terrence G. Peterson

elicited increasing criticism within the upper ranks of the French military. Its more rigidly anti-Communist elements fit poorly with the nuanced efforts of Charles de Gaulle to negotiate an end to the war, and they did not reflect the body of knowledge