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Overlapping Time and Place

Early Modern England’s Girlhood Discourse and Indigenous Girlhood in the Dominion of Canada (1684-1860)

Haidee Smith Lefebvre

). Shakespeare’s representations of girl characters were both creative inventions and depictions of historical girls such as Queen Elizabeth I, to a discussion of whom I will return presently. These characters were distinct from boys, daughters, and women; often

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Shakespeare’s Orientalism Revisited

A Postcolonial Study of the Appropriation of Arabic/Islamic Allusions and Matters in the Bard’s Oeuvre

Mahmoud F. Al-Shetawi

The poem is paradoxical and elusive of any specific meaning. Perhaps it alludes to Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Essex, 10 especially in view of the fact that the queen has been symbolically associated with the phoenix in King Henry VIII . At the

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Lena Steveker

I with M. de St Antoine (1633), Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2020. Figure 2. Anthony Van Dyck, Equestrian Portrait of Charles I (c. 1637–1638), © The National Gallery, London. The Scene, Arcadia Pan

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Abin Chakraborty

the letter of Queen Elizabeth regarding permission for trade in India, John Mildenhall was another merchant who reached India around 1600, and William Hawkins was the lieutenant general of the ship Hector sent to India by the East India Company in

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David Hawkes

either true or false (for example ‘the fox is brown’), and ‘performative’ statements, which refer to nothing beyond themselves, but rather perform the action they describe (for example ‘I name this ship the Queen Elizabeth’ or ‘Open Sesame

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Pity Silenced

Economies of Mercy in The Merchant of Venice

Alessandra Marzola

as nostalgic reminiscences. 17 And while it may well be a stretch to surmise, as some critics have done, that Shakespeare here cryptically addressed Queen Elizabeth’s hidden sympathy with English Catholics in order to invoke her merciful intervention

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Vassiliki Markidou

. Carroll (Houndmills, Basingstoke & London: Macmillan Press, 1999)) highlights the fact that ‘the play has particular significance in reference to King James I, who had, as King James VI of Scotland, succeeded to the English throne upon the death of Queen

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The New Imitation Game

The Queer Sinitic Potentialities of Internet Romance Games

Carlos Rojas

ultimately accepted chemical castration in order to avoid prison time, but took his own life two years later in 1954. It was not until 2013 (long after Britain's antisodomy laws had been repealed) that Turing finally received a posthumous pardon from Queen

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Andrew Sanders

dynasty was about to be extinguished on the death of Queen Elizabeth. This is why Hamlet is insistent that Horatio ‘absents’ himself from ‘felicity’ – that is, that he must temporarily resolve not to follow Hamlet in committing suicide (in the antique

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Shakespeare and War

Honour at the Stake

Patrick Gray

illustration, she looks closely at English efforts to undermine kinship ties between Irish chieftains, and in particular the fraught negotiations between Irish rebel Hugh O’Neill and representatives of Queen Elizabeth. As in 2 Henry IV , the royal emissaries