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David Detmer and John Ireland

Sartre’s reasoning entails an implicit commitment to a distinctive theory of pre-reflective self-consciousness, which she calls “the non-iterative theory.” Four reviews of important recent books round out the issue. Happy reading! David Detmer John

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Paisley Livingston

one of Smith’s most salient statements on this topic: [A]esthetic experience is distinguished from ordinary experience by a particular kind of self-consciousness; a fully fledged aesthetic experience, I say, is one that we savour rather than simply

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Victorian London Redux

Adapting the Gothic Metropolis

Chris Louttit

Dracula might seem glossy, superficial, and unconvincing in its portrayal of the Victorian fin-de-siècle. Many of the production’s critics, however, missed its self-consciousness both about its own glossy aesthetic and its place in the long history of

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Pan-African Linguistic and Cultural Unity

A Basis For pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance

Simphiwe Sesanti

(African renaissance) are highly desirable, the declared desire will remain just that, a desire, unless a conscious Afrocentric education is employed to bring back African self-consciousness without which no African renaissance is possible. It is the

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Exposed Intimacies

Clinicians on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ellen Block

I have called a ‘habitus of infection’ – that necessitate removing intimacy and affective connection between providers and their patients. Also emerging is a new self-consciousness around embodied modes of caregiving that had hitherto been taken for

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Some Senses of Pan-Africanism from the South

Christopher Allsobrook

philosophy, identified by Serequeberhan, which is to critique pervasive Eurocentrism in modernity’s self-consciousness. In his critique of the history of liberal non-racialism in apartheid South Africa, Dladla distinguishes liberal non-racialism from its

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Catrin Gibson

could agree with, given his commitment to a permanent non-positional self-consciousness ( BN , 173). However, the infant differs from the adult in that she lacks reflective self-awareness. She has not yet posited herself as an object of consciousness

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Monstrous Masses

The Human Body as Raw Material

John Marmysz

object. This is Hegel’s point in the Phenomenology of Spirit when he writes, “A self-consciousness, in being an object, is just a smuch ‘I’ as ‘object’” (1977: 110). When thinking about ourselves, we become objects of our own thought, in a way analogous

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‘To Be, or Not To Be’

Hamlet Q1, Q2 and Montaigne

Saul Frampton

's essay. It is not only Hamlet, but Shakespeare , who is clouding over the over-confident Stoicism of the previous text with editorial reflection, and the uncertainty that follows on from it. Self-consciousness thus arises from self-editing. The ‘natiue

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So What Is the Anthropology of Buddhism About?

David N. Gellner

Perrière, and others, the anthropology of Buddhism may be achieving more unity of purpose and more self-consciousness than it has had for a long time. I also stand by another conclusion from 1990—that the question of authenticity has always had meaning for