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Staying Tuned

Connections beyond ‘the Field’

Geoffrey Hughes and Anna-Maria Walter

interlocutor's curatorial self-presentation online and older (i.e., pre-social media) concerns of impression management. She notes in particular how asynchronous communication can accommodate different time zones and schedules while also allowing people in

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Migration and Migrants between the Favorable and the Problematic

A Discourse Analysis of Secondary School Turkish History Textbooks from 1966 to 2018

Önder Cetin

not freely chosen but rather dependent upon external forces. While the reasons offered for these migration flows underscore the topos of exigency, the authors’ presentation of Ottoman state policy supports a positive self-presentation. After stating

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Melanie Kennedy and Natalie Coulter

, Antonio García-Gómez explores questions of sexual agency in pre-adolescent girls’ self-presentation in sexting. Drawing on interviews with British girls, he found that there are contradictory constructions of femininity in their reflective talk about

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Sartre, Lacan, and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis

A Defense of Lacanian Responsibility

Blake Scott

Crowell describes it, the fundamental project is “a basic choice of being that expresses itself in all I do as a certain style of self-presentation, a certain pattern of decision-making and responsiveness to the world’s solicitations.” 19 In a similar

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Felix Girke

contribution to the SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods , “self-presentation, negotiation of roles, research bargains and interactions, and personal relationships with informants and other participants” surely are as important when leaving the

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Concerning Durkheim's 1899 Lecture ‘On Penal Sanctions’

Introduction, Translation Notes, and Comments

Ronjon Paul Datta and François Pizarro Noël

Marx when it comes to the subject's self-presentation. In his famous ‘Preface to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy’, obliquely targeting Hegel's account of the nationalist ideology of the Prussian state, Marx poignantly states that

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Paula Mota Santos and Hugo DeBlock

-like practices (i.e., the self-presentation of a collective heritage composed of multiple distinct identities originating in the plantation era) still provide a tool that counterweights the unresolved and unsettled tensions in contemporary postplantation Hawai

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Naomi Chazan, Morad Elsana, Ian S. Lustick, Sam Lehman-Wilzig, Gideon Rahat, Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Daphne Inbar, and Oren Barak

perform without indicating that their solemn recitations and calculated self-presentations are performances. Thus, according to Kravel-Tovi, both the agents of the state and those who aspire to an official classification as Jewish find ways to rationalize

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Elizabeth Mazzola

print in the grass’. 43 But the gaze of the bride offers Spenser another centre or vantage point. Privileging the spectatorship of the Queen guarantees the poet’s position as England’s Virgil, even while the poet’s self-presentation can at the same time

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Mobilizing Meanings

Translocal Identities of the Far Right Web

Patricia Anne Simpson

Party of Germany’s ( npd ) youth organization, the Junge Nationaldemokraten, the protests themselves appeared “ lächerlich ” or ridiculous to some. 17 Indeed, the high drama of the movement’s self-presentation elicited parodies and undermining pokes at