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Drawing Stereotypes

Europe and East Asia in Russian Political Caricature, 1900–1905

Zachary Hoffman

summer of 1900 and Japan's surprise attack on Port Arthur in early 1904 offered a treasure trove of material. By the 1880s, newspapers had incorporated technologies that allowed for mass circulation and the inclusion of illustrations and graphics in their

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Temporality of Movements in the North

Pragmatic Use of Infrastructure and Reflexive Mobility of Evenkis and Dolgans

Vladimir N. Davydov

techniques and technologies (e.g., Komkov et al. 2016 ; Tsukerman 2013 ). Usually, insufficient attention is paid to the temporal dimension of such mobility. In many respects, this creates a one-sided view representing mobility from the perspective of a

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“Save the Men!”

Demographic Decline and the Public Response in the Late Soviet Period

Tricia Starks

face an intense penetration of technology into all aspects of our lives. Already, the iron ore has probably been extracted from the earth that will be welded in 1969 and 1970 into hundreds of thousands of automobiles, behind the wheels of which will

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Victoria Churikova, Alexey Druzyaka, and Alina Galimova

results reported here clearly show that despite the current level of technology, the climate remains a powerful and multilateral controlling factor for the human population of Siberia. The main value of Melnikov’s book is that it focuses our attention on

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Ekaterina B. Tolmacheva

mastering the technology was complicated. For this reason, studio photographers also took on photographic surveying in the field. However, because they were not involved in the science, they did not ponder over scientific methods of documentation and focused

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Ekaterina Chekhorduna, Nina Filippova, and Diana Efimova

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

and future generations through the modern forms and methods of raising children; it is based on the best traditions of popular pedagogy, the technologies used in modern education, moral and ethical ideals, and ways of understanding the world present in

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Karl Mertens

terrain and low density of resources make efficient mobility strategies of critical importance. Residents of this zone have developed a myriad of mobility patterns and technologies to enable more efficient foraging and logistical movement than is possible

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Making Sense of the Remote Areas

Films and Stories from a Tundra Village

Petia Mankova

technology has changed indigenous lives. Yulian Konstantinov (2009) , in addressing the roadlessness of the Kola Peninsula, shows how the two ways of traveling to the remote areas (mechanized transportation and the reindeer draft) are essential for the

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Svetlana Huusko

history and culture. First, the Soviet Union began to promote the concept of the country's progressive position in all the key areas of science, technology, and culture. The Russian people were represented as occupying a prominent place in the world

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Uliana Vinokurova

Translator : Tatiana Argounova-Low

sustainable usage of the grazing landscapes and native lands, and the support of education, arts and culture, and technology training aimed at ethnic intelligentsia. Ethnic intelligentsia with backgrounds in science, technology, ecology, arts, and culture have