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Cameron Bassiri

imposes order. It becomes the look of all third parties . Language, in the context of the statutory group, has a practical function, in truth a practical necessity, in so far as it unifies all of the third parties and makes possible a further

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What Would I Do with Lacan Today?

Thoughts on Sartre, Lacan, and Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Betty Cannon

’s use of Sartrean concepts (desire as lack of being, the look or gaze of the other, the ego as illusory object rather than subject), even if, in contrast to Sartre, he takes them in the direction of postmodernism. The question I ask myself in looking

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Counter-Violence and Islamic Terrorism

Is Liberation without Freedom Possible?

Maria Russo

any means possible but cannot avoid the fact that the totality of the means contradicts the end itself. 28 If the oppressed vacillate between the interiorization of the look of the Other and the perception of their own ontological freedom, then the

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Clare Mac Cumhaill

undifferentiated, at least so long as the looked-for element is not among the clutter looked-over. Still, in both cases, as Crowther notes, the attendant difference in phenomenology need not correspond to a difference in the properties represented by or presented

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Alienation and Affectivity

Beauvoir, Sartre and Levinas on the Ageing Body

Kathleen Lennon and Anthony Wilde

offers the possibility of a reciprocal relation to others, which stands in contrast to the conflictual model deriving from the look. It also stands in contrast to Sartre's account of sexuality, in which being turned into body by the other, while necessary

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Paul Gyllenhammer

institutions takes on a more subtle form than what may exist in collectives that are facing actual danger. Sartre’s interest in the look of the other dovetails well with Foucault’s idea of the panopticon . In each case, the effect of constant surveillance

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The Origins of the Stanley Hoffmann We Knew

Some Comparisons on his Vichy Years with My Family Story

Peter Gourevitch

“Self-Ensnared: Collaboration with Nazi Germany,” 2 and “In the Looking Glass: Sorrow and Pity?” 3 reprinted in a substantial collection of essays 4 that included notable pieces on Charles de Gaulle; contributions to important volumes such as La

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Andrew Inkpin

the epoché is open to critique. First, it is not clear he succeeds in identifying limits on the phenomenological reduction. I take the force of the two examples cited above – the brute existence of being-in-itself, and the look of others – to be that

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Robert Boncardo, Jean-Pierre Boulé, Nik Farrell Fox, and Daniel O'Shiel

the structure and method in Being and Nothingness’, Constance Mui's ‘Intersubjectivity and “the look”’, William Remley's ‘Ethics of authenticity’, Matthew Ally's ‘The logics of the Critique ’, T. Storm Heter's ‘Sartre and anarchism’, Gail Linsenbard

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Objects of Dispute

Planning, Discourse, and State Power in Post-War France

Edward Welch

, planning is concerned with anticipating the look, feel, and requirements of a projected future, as Delouvrier’s preoccupation with the Year 2000 as horizon and frontier makes clear. It aims to create urban futures in the present, a desire made manifest in