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Governing Global Aeromobility

Canada and Airport Refugee Claimants in the 1980s

Bret Edwards

late 1970s and 1980s that saw neoliberal governments assume power in the United States and much of Western Europe on austerity platforms of deregulation, privatization, and massive tax cuts. 27 These regimes turned to risk management to keep government

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Listening with Displacement

Sound, Citizenship, and Disruptive Representations of Migration

Tom Western

nineteenth century, Western Europe has been the main political and cultural reference point ( Triandafyllidou and Gropas 2009: 958 ). On its installation as capital city, Athens was reimagined to fit fantasies of Greece as ur-Europa ( Herzfeld 1982

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“Four Guys and a Hole in the Floor”

Racial Politics of Mobility and Excretion among BC-Based Long Haul Truckers

Amie McLean

relations. Western European colonial and settler societies have historically associated embodiment and excretion with feminine, lower-class, and non-white subjectivity. Alison Moore argues that Western colonial anxieties about the excretory practices of

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Recentering the South in Studies of Migration

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

global South to North America and Western Europe (i.e., processes of South-North migration), in spite of the greater numerical significance of internal and cross-border migration within and across the countries of the global South (i.e., South

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Ayse Serap Avanoglu, Diana Riboli, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Annalisa Butticci, Iain R. Edgar, Matan Shapiro, Brooke Schedneck, Mark Sedgwick, Suzane de Alencar Vieira, Nell Haynes, Sara Farhan, Fabián Bravo Vega, Marie Meudec, Nuno Domingos, Heidi Härkönen, Sergio González Varela, and Nathanael Homewood

published in Arabic in 1995, comparative studies of Islamic (mainly Sufi) and Western European philosophical theory and practice have become more common in various disciplines of the humanities. In these studies, clear-cut distinctions between West and East

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Giving Aid Inside the Home

Humanitarian House Visits, Performative Refugeehood, and Social Control of Syrians in Jordan

Ann-Christin Wagner

of establishing contact with a large number of potential informants. As an unpaid interpreter, I took part in four rounds of “outreach missions” in 2016. Each round lasted one or two weeks and brought in up to a dozen volunteers from Western Europe

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“It’s Being, Not Doing”

Hospitality and Hostility between Local Faith Actors and International Humanitarian Organizations in Refugee Response

Olivia J. Wilkinson

, including organizations in Western Europe where secularity is dominant but church structures are still familiar. To the contrary, a lack of familiarity with Muslim organizational structures, or the fluidity thereof, leads to less visibility for these actors