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Konstantin Klokov

beyond the boundaries of a nation-state or island (e.g., in looking at the movement of forest products from the interior of Kalimantan to buyers in Hong Kong, Japan, North America, and Western Europe), sometimes by being satisfied without going beyond

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A Visitor's Guide to Shamans and Shamanism

The Kunstkamera's Russian and Asian Ethnographic Collections in the Late Imperial Era

Marisa Karyl Franz

was a peculiar Empire. Set apart by its vast territorial expanse and human diversity from the continental dynastic empires to which it was closest akin politically, Russia also differed intrinsically from the maritime colonial empires of Western Europe

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Christopher Hill, Anna Bara, David Dettmann, Joseph Livesey, and Falk Huettmann

, newspaper articles, archival Soviet propaganda, anthropological works, and histories in Mongolian, Chinese, and several western European languages. The author begins by challenging notions that anti-Chinese anxiety and violence in contemporary Mongolia can

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Vladimir Arsenyev

Explorer and Researcher of the Tungus-Manchu Peoples and Their Languages

Albina Girfanova

time. He began to meticulously record everything that fell within his field of vision—that is, his observations of the taiga people and how they lived. In Russia and Western Europe at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth

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Pomors, Pomor’e, and the Russian North

A Symbolic Space in Cultural and Political Context

Yuri P. Shabaev, Igor Zherebtsov, Kim Hye Jin, and Kim Hyun Taek

the European North suddenly turned from a remote district under the domain of the Muscovian principality into the northern boundary of the Russian state and a window to western Europe. The second decisive event was the foundation of the town of

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Dan Avnon, Nitzan Lebovic, Raymond Cohen, Elie Friedman, Sara Helman, Gad Barzilai, and Ari Ariel

Israel . Current events in Western Europe and the US make clear that no country, not even liberal Western democracies, should take for granted the formal and substantive rule of law. Israel is challenged legally from various perspectives, including issues

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Chaos in Siberia

New Scholarship on Exile in the Late Russian Empire

Jeffrey S. Hardy

Mikhail Gernet, Abby Schraeder, Bruce Adams, and others have demonstrated, these debates and trends played out in late Imperial Russia too, although they typically occurred later than in Western Europe and were to some extent stunted by the conservative

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War and Memory

The Israeli Communist Commemoration of the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1986

Amir Locker-Biletzki

North America and Western Europe—to the new relationship between the citizen-soldier and the republic that was created during the French Revolution. The German wars of liberation against Napoleon marked the second phase of the development of the cult

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Making Sense of the Remote Areas

Films and Stories from a Tundra Village

Petia Mankova

nature in the village could be as mysterious as outside the village. However, in their imagination, the villagers incorporated strong references to Western European popular mythological creatures, such as the Loch Ness monster. These elements are not

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The Determination of Educational Policy

Shas, Politics, and Religion

Anat Feldman

in Spain.” Social Forces 94 : 237 – 269 . Foner , Nancy , and Richard Alba . 2008 . “ Immigrant Religion in the U.S. and Western Europe: Bridge or Barrier to Inclusion? ” International Migration Review 42 ( 2 ): 360 – 392 . 10.1111/j