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Anxious Breath

An Autoethnographic Exploration of Non-binary Queerness, Vulnerability, and Recognition in Step Out

Lara Bochmann and Erin Hampson

sense of control and its anticipation in approaching and crossing physical and metaphorical thresholds and the implications this can have for us. Although, while our experience of violence instigated the making of the film and has been an important

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Toward a Model of Distributed Affectivity for Cinematic Ethics

Ethical Experience, Trauma, and History

Philip Martin

-making that draw not only on what actions are immediately available, but also on how these availabilities are presented, their sustained affective impacts, and our anticipations, beliefs, memories, and habits. With respect to art, institution articulates

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Gary Bettinson

space, these portentous posters ratchet suspense and sharpen our anticipation of impending conflict. 9 This last example points to another characteristic function of Lumet's staging: narrative foreshadowing. Across his oeuvre, Lumet utilizes staging as

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How Many Emotions Does Film Studies Need?

A Phenomenological Proposal

Julian Hanich

, as scenes of dread in horror films and psychological thrillers are often, albeit not always, followed by moments of shock. In dread, experienced time is marked by a strong form of anticipation: we scan the imminent temporal horizon in “search” of a

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Acoustic Startles in Horror Films

A Neurofilmological Approach

Valerio Sbravatti

effective: Hitchcock himself reportedly said that “[t]here is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it” (quoted in Perron 2004: 1 ). For his part, John Carpenter affirms that “the trick is to scare [the audience] when they least expect it

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Robert Sinnerbrink and Matthew Cipa

, anticipations, and expectations on the part of both film-makers and viewers. Taken together, these elements and responses constitute a mutually reinforcing whole capable of transforming key elements of ordinary experience (xiv). This transformation involves the

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Looking for Something to Signify

Something to Signify Gender Performance and Cuban Masculinity in Viva

David Yagüe González

, then, the performativity of gender revolves around this metalepsis, the way in which the anticipation of a gendered essence produces that which it posits as outside itself. Secondly, performativity is not a singular act, but a repetition and a ritual

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Eliza Deac

words in an electronic space” ( this writing ). Writing, in this feminine interpretation, becomes a means of giving life, in marked contrast with the dominant view of the major romantic poets, for whom the process of inscription is an anticipation of

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Beyond the Individual Body

Spinoza's Radical Enactivism and You Were Never Really Here

Francesco Sticchi

.090103 Ravven , Heidi M . 2003 . “ Spinoza's Anticipation of Contemporary Affective Neuroscience .” Consciousness & Emotion 4 ( 2 ): 257 – 290 . doi: 10.1075/ce.4.2.07mor . 10.1075/ce.4.2.07mor Smith , Murray . 1995 . Engaging Characters: Fiction

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Modernist Embodiment

Sisyphean Landscape Allegory in Cinema

David Melbye

incline for an extended duration, mobilized by the psychological anticipation of a realizable goal, only to have that goal fail repeatedly. Of course, any ancient Greek or postclassical consumer of this depicted scenario must be willing to suspend the