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Jonathan Magnonet

"All the calculated ends have already passed, and it now depends entirely on repentance and good deeds" (Sanhédrin). This rabbinic word of caution about anticipating the exact date of the arrival the Messiah would apply to all such hopes and calculations associated eschatological movements throughout history, as well as expectations bound the new millennium. Whether waiting for a new heaven to descend peacefully on earth or some final apocalyptic disaster, presumably covered by CNN, energies unleashed by the concept of the new millennium could be turned 'repentance and good deeds' the world might indeed be transformed messianic place. But the odds seem to be against such a radical transformation.

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Dennis Klein

This article looks at the significance of local circumstances, including direct encounters between victims and assailants, in the genocide process. In what scholars term “the micropolitical turn in the study of social violence,“ the argument here considers the encounter from the perspectives of both constituent parties. Assailants often acted before they thought, raising questions about the premise of intention and calculation that anchors the defining Article 2 in the United Nations Genocide Convention. Victims in local encounters express in their accounts a recognition of their assailants and describe what amounts to a betrayal of the trust they invested in their compatriots. Expressions of recognition in witness accounts attenuate victims' resentment and recrimination, opening a space that permitted possibilities for postgenocide reconciliation and even qualified forgiveness.

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Blood oil

The anatomy of a petro-insurgency in the Niger delta

Michael Watts

This article traces the emergence of an “oil insurgency” in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. A key concept deployed in the analysis is the oil complex, understood as a sort of corporate enclave economy and also a center of political and economic calculation expressed through the operations of a set of local, national, and transnational forces that can only be dubbed as imperial oil. The operations of the oil complex under conditions of U.S. military neoliberalism create the violent and unstable spaces that David Harvey identifies as “accumulation by dispossession”. The insurgency is understood in terms of a deep history of political and economic marginalization and deepening political mobilization and militancy within the Niger Delta. What the oil complex has thereby produced is a fragmented polity with parcellized sovereignty rather than a robust, modern oil nation.

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Karen M. Sykes and Felix Stein

economic life into five value spheres, each of which ‘secures and distributes wealth distinctively’ (p.5). These are the house, community, commerce, finance and meta-finance, defined as the ‘abstract instruments of finance that depend on the calculation of

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Replenishing Milk Sons

Changing Kinship Practices among the Sahrāwī, North Africa

Konstantina Isidoros

genealogical calculations, women may be ‘taking men’ rather than men ‘giving women’. Although Remco Ensel’s Moroccan h̩arāt̩in study, comparable with the wider Sahrāwī demography, observes milk kinship as primarily between people of unequal status creating

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Dangerous speculation

The appeal of pyramid schemes in rural Siberia

Leonie Schiffauer

, an alleged instrument of calculation, is used as a key device for this purpose and thought of as a tool for demonstrating the opportunities that the scheme offers. Tsyregma, the most experienced among the WIC Holding partners who were actively pushing

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Community Capacity Building

Transforming Amerindian Sociality in Peruvian Amazonia

Christopher Hewlett

calculations. That was quite a different picture from the days of selling rubber when the traders were said to have calibrated muscles. They could tell exactly what a ball of rubber weighed by lifting it up. This new method of doing business put control of

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Temperature and Capital

Measuring the Future with Quantified Heat

Scott W. Schwartz

descent via an equation provided by the commercial manufacturer. For a few models of the XBT device, the manufacturer provided an inaccurate calculation of the rate of descent of their device. Thus, large swaths of archived data on ocean temperature are

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Money and the Morality of Commensuration

Currencies of Poverty in Post-Soviet Cuba

Martin Holbraad

lottery ticket, $1.35, or whatever. But when I decide to spend that pound, the ‘as if’ scenarios that quantitative calculation allows for must recede (cf. Schmidt, this issue). My pound, at that moment, is important, not because it can buy anything that

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Overcoming the Quantity-Quality Divide in Economic Anthropology

Sandy Ross, Mario Schmidt, and Ville Koskinen

( Çalışkan 2007 ; MacKenzie and Millo 2003 ), and on calculation itself, whether ‘rational’ or otherwise, very little has been written on how the enumeration of money’s purchasing power is negotiated by ordinary people in everyday life. 3 This special issue