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Undocumented People (En)Counter Border Policing

Near and Far from the US Border

Denise Brennan

made the calculation to begin saving to replace them both. In the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, Alma tells of getting stopped by a local police officer who claimed she had run a red light. When she could not produce a driver’s license at his request

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Michael K. Bess, David Lipset, Kudzai Matereke, Stève Bernardin, Katharine Bartsch, Harry Oosterhuis, Samuel Müller, Frank Schipper, Benjamin D’Harlingue, and Katherine Roeder

social processes and political practices, beyond what appear all too often as “simple cost calculations” (53). The four chapters of the first part deal with the coordination of transport policies at the international level. Gilles Forster shows how the

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Assisted “voluntary” return of women to Kosovo

Rhetoric and reality within the framework of development

Sandra Sacchetti

. The World Bank (2015) for its part estimates the personal remittances/GDP ratio in 2012 at 16.3%, with the percentage remaining steady in 2013 (15.9%) and 2014 (16.1%). The diverging estimates of remittances are due to different calculation

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Reconceptualizing Transit States in an Era of Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Obfuscation

Antje Missbach and Melissa Phillips

setting and of their interests and strategic calculations within a highly interdependent global environment. To do this, the contributors consider the distinct migratory histories and legal traditions behind recent policy and legal changes (Álvarez Velasco

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Masculinity and Autonomous Vehicles

A Degendered or Resegregated Future System of Automobility?

Dag Balkmar and Ulf Mellström

” and car use, by way of anthropomorphization, can consequently happen outside specific regimes of power and pleasure, outside specific interpellative regimes based on masculinity, speed, risk taking, and calculation, which in itself rather points to

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Richard Meissner and Jeroen Warner

elevated to life and death issues, over and above normal politics and cost–benefit calculations. This practice happens through the three ideational power types discussed in this article. Such ideational power play can be effective when groups actively

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(Dis)Connected Rail

Infrastructural Suspension and Phatic Politics in Romania

Adrian Deoancă

practice in Romanian politics. Oftentimes, public works of national or local interest can be either held back or accelerated depending on electoral calculations. Making sure that a rival party's fiefdom is underbudgeted is a patented governmental strategy

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Christopher Howard and Wendelin Küpers

calculation and control of scientific technology. Technology provides a semblance of mastery over objects, even over death: “[W]here beings are not very familiar to man and scarcely and only roughly known by science, the openness of beings as a whole can

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Adolfo Lucero Álvarez, Columba Rodríguez Alviso, Oscar Frausto Martínez, José Luis Aparicio López, Alejandro Díaz Garay, and Maximino Reyes Umaña

restore the service of the distribution system and decrease the dependence of the water network on electricity. The same authors add that the partial or total automation of energy distribution improves resilience. Resilience calculation can be used to

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“A Refugee Pastor in a Refugee Church”

Refugee-Refugee Hosting in a Faith-Based Context

Karen Lauterbach

of guest-host relationships (Pitt-Rivers [1977] 2012: 513). Bringing in this literature allows us to go beyond the hospitality-hostility ambivalence and expose the broader tensions between “spontaneity and calculation, generosity and parasitism