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Traces of Pan Africanism and African Nationalism in Africa Today

Denis Goldberg

enrichment by the owners of finance capital - the combination of industrial and banking capital. For du Bois, simply creating Garvian businesses would change the faces of the exploiters from ‘white’ to ‘black.’ For Garvey, there was a kind of unifying

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Federica Stagni and Daryl Glaser

the 2000s capital had little need of much of the population in former bantustan areas. The issue now is not whether the reserve areas subsidise the reproduction of labour for capital, but how the rural masses survive their increasing irrelevance to the

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Neoliberalism, Hedonism and the Dying Public

Reclaiming Political Agency through the Exercise of Courage

Grant M. Sharratt and Erik Wisniewski

( Arendt 2006: 120–141 ). These new modes of economic thought disrupted and dissociated individuals both from community life and from their common point of origin. Foucault describes these new modes in his discussion of the theory of human capital

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Elias L. Khalil

non-radical theorists conceive the basic institutions of capital–labour exchange in capitalist markets, that is based on just institutions. Is Exploitation Zero-sum? To establish the truth condition of an exploitation claim, must exploitation be a zero

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

separated from the moment of coercion and direct political power which is assigned to the state. Appropriation and production are detached from the political sphere, privatized, and are governed by the “autonomous laws” of the economy and capital—that is

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Matthew Bradney

long the Left has ignored the importance of this affective dimension, and this is perhaps one reason that rejection of the party has become nothing short of dogma. In response, Dean reminds us that ‘[c]apital uses every resource … to advance its

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Coulthard, Glen Sean. Red Skin, White Masks

Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition

Elaine Coburn

and colonised. The colonial state does not seek ‘recognition’ from Indigenous peoples. Rather, it seeks to secure a legal framework that will offer stable access for the purposes of resource extraction and other forms of capital accumulation. Stated

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The Economics of Decolonisation

Institutions, Education and Elite Formation

Nicola Viegi

to the development of the human capital necessary for economic development. There are two aspects of education systems which are relevant for this analysis. The first aspect is that education systems define the characteristics, the role and the social

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‘The Expenditure of a Million of British Sovereigns in this Otherwise Miserable Place’

Frontier Wars, Public Debt and the Cape’s Non-racial Constitution

Jeff Peires

, The Friend of the Orange River Sovereignty , drawing £150 per annum in government advertising. Others included A. H. Bain, owner of nine farms and twenty erven in the newly surveyed capital of Bloemfontein, and Henry Green, the fortunate commissary

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Empire and Economics

Decolonising Colonialism and Its Legacies in Africa

Edited by Lawrence Hamilton

Viegi argues that colonial education norms and institutions had a significant impact on the process of decolonisation and the following postcolonial history and they still represent a significant obstacle to the development of the human capital necessary