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The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Reconfigurations of Domestic Space in Favelas

Brief Reflections on Intimacies and Precariousness

Carolina Parreiras

difference such as race and class are significant, is a challenge. The theoretical reference for my discussion of precariousness is the work of Judith Butler (2009) . Butler argues that certain lives are believed by our society to have value while others are

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COVID-19 as method

Managing the ubiquity of waste and waste-collectors in India

Tridibesh Dey

workers’ exempt from the general lockdown rules by central order ( MHA 2020a ), waste collectors would therefore seem to have the experience of being abused one day and feted another by street processions and the claps and the bangs of empty balcony-class

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On Money and Quarantine

A Self-Ethnography from Italy

Francesca Messineo

) concern, my partner and I set up a strict and meticulous regime, which – admittedly – is not common even amongst the shocked and scared Italian middle class that we belong to. The procedure to go out and come back home entails dressing and undressing on

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‘It's Like Waking Up in the Library’

How an International Student Dorm in Copenhagen Became a Closed Circuit during COVID-19

Brian McGahey

from the desks in their bedrooms instead of joining their dorm-mates in the living room. After a week, people stopped going to the living room on days when they had meetings or classes. Juan, a Spanish Master's student, made the following remarks

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Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

not incompatible) conclusions to Junjie Chen in Volume 27, Issue 2. Chen sees shequ serving better and discriminately higher-class members of Chinese communities. For Luo, once the adulation for shequ and the Residents’ Committees accrued through

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Michael Alexander Ulfstjerne

of singing. We tried to emulate the Italian way. Clapping or banging on pots and pans in honour of the new class of societal heroes who are watching over our feeble and old. None of these attempts really took off, it seems. Not even the density of

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Haptic Mediations

Intergenerational Kinship in the Time of COVID-19

Bob Simpson

class define who, when, how and where on the body one person might touch another in the act of showing sentiments such as kindness, care, compassion, solidarity and affirmation. Whilst accounts of the significance of touch and the various forms that it

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Alone Together

Intimacy and Semi-Mobility during Ho Chi Minh City's Lockdown

Van Minh Nguyen

the wealthy classes living in the city, whose dwelling configurations can accommodate alternative uses of domestic space. Conclusion COVID-19 forced us into isolation, a lonely togetherness where we found ourselves moving towards one another

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Banhishikha Ghosh

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected diverse sections of the Indian population, predominantly those in working-class professions. To curtail and counteract the pandemic, a nationwide lockdown was commenced on 24 March 2020. The pandemic has

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From Toilet Paper Wars to #ViralKindness?

COVID-19, Solidarity and the Basic Income Debate in Australia

Anne Décobert

-tells-australians-to-stop-hoarding-as-he-announces-sweeping-measures-to-slow-spread-of-coronavirus . Milanovic , B. ( 2016 ), Global Inequality: A New Approach for the Age of Globalisation ( Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press ). 10.4159/9780674969797 Standing , G. ( 2010 ), The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class ( London : Bloomsbury ).