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Giving Aid Inside the Home

Humanitarian House Visits, Performative Refugeehood, and Social Control of Syrians in Jordan

Ann-Christin Wagner

2018 ). 3 Research ethics are discussed in more depth in my forthcoming doctoral thesis “Transnational Mobilities during the Syrian War: An Ethnography of Rural Refugees and Evangelical Humanitarians in Mafraq, Jordan.” Prior to my doctoral fieldwork

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Experiencing In-betweenness

Literary Spatialities

Tahmineh Hooshyar Emami

Wonderland ”, Nineteenth-Century Literature 41 ( 2 ): 143 . doi: 10.2307/3045136 . 10.2307/3045136 Bulley , Dan . 2015 . “ Ethics, Power and Space: International Hospitality beyond Derrida .” Hospitality and Society 5 ( 2–3 ): 185 – 201 . doi

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“A Refugee Pastor in a Refugee Church”

Refugee-Refugee Hosting in a Faith-Based Context

Karen Lauterbach

institutional. It illustrates the wide scope of faith-based involvement in humanitarianism, but also shows the importance of understanding the social and religious norms that guide the exchange of support, which may go beyond humanitarian norms and ethics. The

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Michael Blake

Practice 23 ( 2 ): 457 – 474 . 10.1007/s10677-020-10082-3 Carens , Joseph H. 2013 . The Ethics of Immigration . Oxford : Oxford University Press . Cordes , Vojislava Filipcevic . 2017 . “ City

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“It’s Being, Not Doing”

Hospitality and Hostility between Local Faith Actors and International Humanitarian Organizations in Refugee Response

Olivia J. Wilkinson

. “ Jacques Derrida on the Ethics of Hospitality .” In The Ethics of Subjectivity , 144 – 156 . London : Palgrave Macmillan . . 10.1057/9781137472427_9 Kamya , Hugo . 2008 . “ Healing from Refugee Trauma: The

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A Timeless Measure of Who We Are?

Elena Isayev

refuge in a state of limbo that makes it difficult for them to access human rights. A further sign that the measure has shifted away from hospitality is apparent in Joseph Carens’ challenging study of the Ethics of Immigration ( 2013: 195 ). Within it

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Sabina Barone and Mehdi Alioua

. In any case, what I show in my work enlightens decision-makers in theirs. To this day, that is what motivates me. It is not only an ethics, it is not only an ideological stance, it is also a methodological stance. I have called it “accompaniment

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Jelena Tošić and Annika Lems

, Michael . 2013b . The Wherewithal of Life: Ethics, Migration, and the Question of Well-Being . Berkeley : University of California Press . Jackson , Michael , and Albert Piette , eds. 2015 . What Is Existential Anthropology? New York

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Sabina Barone, Veronika Bernard, Teresa S Büchsel, Leslie Fesenmyer, Bruce Whitehouse, Petra Molnar, Bonny Astor, and Olga R. Gulina

)operate through a largely instrumental ethics: oriented towards accessing and extracting the ‘fruits’ of urban space while simultaneously imagining or enacting life elsewhere” (p. 278). Residents share only a general ethos of getting along without needing or

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Representing Sanctuary

On Flatness and Aki Kaurismäki's Le Havre

Vinh Nguyen

representation as a white savior or rescue narrative without investigating its particular nuances—to query what the narrative does politically and the way it is told. The ethics of a narrative, I suggest, is not located in its story or plot, but rather in how the