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The Social Life of Fighting Words

The Case of Political Correctness

Ronald S. Stade

suggestion that we pay closer attention to the tropological level of conceptual research—especially with regard to irony—and to the ideological changes that are indicative of and induced by social and political key concepts. The first step is to clarify the

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The Many Layers of Moral Outrage

Kurdish Activists and Diaspora Politics

Nerina Weiss

groups with particular nationalist ideologies and often involved references to historical events. These historical references were shared by some, but at times difficult to access for others who lacked that particular historical memory ( Geisler 2005

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Iver B. Neumann

also with the leader of the revamped Communist Party, Zyuganov, to the point where Stephen Shenfield found that he “probably played a significant part in formulating the nationalist communist ideology that was Zyuganov’s hallmark” (2001: 192). Dugin

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Fighting Fire with Fire

Resistance to Transitional Justice in Bahrain

Ciara O’Loughlin

second, more ideological strand of resistance is based on the assertion that transitional justice amounts to little more than repackaged neocolonial western imperialism. Sirkku Hellsten (2012: 13) notes such criticism in remarking that “the western push

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Kim Knibbe, Brenda Bartelink, Jelle Wiering, Karin B. Neutel, Marian Burchardt, and Joan Wallach Scott

, with the Netherlands developing a model of managing religious pluralism, called ‘pillarization’, which led to the formation of public spheres that were very much dominated by confessions and ideological orientations (schools, broadcasting companies, and

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Danger, Moral Opacity, and Outrage

Fear of Jihadism and the Terrorist Threat in Southern Mali

Tone Sommerfelt

the political and ideological “framing” ( Butler 2009 ) of Islam in the contemporary war against terror. With reference to contexts of insecurity, threats of violence, and impending aggression, I argue that moral outrage emerges as justifiable, not

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Moral Thresholds of Outrage

The March for Hrant Dink and New Ways of Mobilization in Turkey

Lorenzo D’Orsi

ideological frames, such as humanitarianism. In the case of Dink’s assassination, both political violence and the unexpected collective response concurred to spark emotional shock. Indeed, the widespread feeling of outrage disrupted the expectations people

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Suburban Dissent

Defining Neighborhood Space and Place in Perth, Western Australia

Jocelyn D. Avery

differentiates physical urban space as socially produced through a combination of “social, economic, ideological, and technological factors,” whereas symbolic space is a social construction experienced by people through their “social exchanges, memories, images

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The Social Life of Contentious Concepts

Ronald S. Stade

German vernacular. 1 Erasing the difference between official and private style and tropes was a step in what the Nazis called Gleichschaltung , the enforced ideological conformity of each and every person in Germany. Thus, LTI was not just indicative of

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Violence and Identification

Everyday Ethnic Identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Torsten Kolind

, and the like. Though these values are central to Muslims, they are not exclusively Muslim virtues, but rather part of a general moral codex, which, for instance, overlaps with the ideology of Communism that says “work hard, don’t cheat your neighbours