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The Taming of the Tigress

Faṭima Rushdī and the First Performance of Shrew in Arabic

David C. Moberly

Wākīm’s filmography, see ‘Bechara Wakim’ at the Internet Movie Database: . 10 Although the text of Wākīm’s translation is not extant, summaries of the performance written by theatre critics and published in local

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The U.S. Economic Crisis

A Marxian Analysis

Richard D. Wolff

The U.S. economy’s high-tech sector (internet, computers, telecommunications, etc.) burst its classic speculative bubble in 2000. The Nasdaq stock market lost 40 per cent of its value during the year and lost another 20 per cent in the first quarter of 2001. The Nasdaq dragged down most other stock market indicators in the U.S. Trillions of dollars in U.S. wealth vanished. The wealthiest citizens turned away from the stock market as rapid losses replaced the absurdly high gains of 1999. Other U.S. citizens watched in horror as their recent expansions of securities holdings rapidly shrank in value (also confronting many with vanished savings and reduced retirement benefits since their pensions were invested in ‘history’s greatest boom’). See Appendix 5 for the details on U.S. stock ownership patterns. Industries began to scale back their investment programs as rapid growth shifted to slow growth and recession loomed. The majority of workers slowed their spending and their accumulation of debt because of falling stock prices and because they fear a recession’s impact on wages, benefits, and job security. All these negative developments are continuing into 2001.

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“I Was Not Willing to Risk my Hajj”

Information Coping Strategies of Hajj Pilgrims

Nadia Caidi

information seems (in their eyes) to outweigh the benefits of doing so: I am cautious about internet sites. The credibility of the sources is not always clear. I wasn't willing to risk my own Hajj because someone posted something wrong. (P4) I would say

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John Eade

joined in and were keen to take selfies with their friends and collect photos of ceremonies, statues, and key sites to send to their family and friends through the Internet and to remind them about their visit on their return home. It appeared to me that

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Islam, Travel, and Learning

A Case Study on Indonesian Muslim Student Diasporas in Saudi Arabia

Sumanto Al Qurtuby

, Indonesia.” The latter study examined a formula (GMPEs) to predict the danger of earthquakes in Java. After finishing his BS, he looked for scholarship information on the internet, hoping to continue his study at master's level. His academic and research

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Daniel Lord Smail

Middle Ages to our times . Aslockton, Notts, U.K.: Avon & Arno.” 12 You can do the next bit on your own: go to the Internet and try to authenticate the book’s existence. In fairness, you may find a related title by Mr. Held and in this you can find a

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From Villainous Letch and Sinful Outcast, to “Especially Beloved of God”

Complicating the Medieval Leper through Gender and Social Status

Christina Welch and Rohan Brown

references to lepers in Troilus and Cressida, Tristan and Isolde, and Chaucer’s Summoner, but visual depictions of lepers in manuscripts and bibles also tended to be male, as an internet image search using the term “medieval leper” can demonstrate. 40 Males

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Matthew C. Eshleman

technology at her disposal (no computers, internet, etc.) and her translation of Being and Nothingness is far better than many other first English translations of French philosophical texts from the same period’ ( SR , xl). Indeed, Barnes was aware that

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Teppo Eskelinen

situation, see for example Deutsche Bank research: ; on the U.S. see FDIC statistics: 2 For discussion

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From Exoticism to Authenticity

Textbooks during French Colonization and the Modern Literature of Global Tourism

Claudine Moïse

rely on processes of identity reification and make use of the written material resources at hand on a large scale, thanks to the school system, tourism, and the Internet. One could argue that they are not bonded by historicity and that they are not