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American Quarantine

The Right to Housing in a Pandemic

Bonnie Honig

another: police brutality. Rehearsed on migrants at the border, that chicken came home to roost in June when border policing troops were called up to quell the mostly peaceful protests in Washington, D.C. and Lafayette Park was brutally cleared of

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Patrick Cockburn

migrants were living in makeshift dwellings that they had constructed there ( BBC News 2013b ). The first of these cases is clearly about protest and political visibility; the second clearly about basic needs and the attempt to remain invisible. Both are

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Democracy in a Global Emergency

Five Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Afsoun Afsahi, Emily Beausoleil, Rikki Dean, Selen A. Ercan, and Jean-Paul Gagnon

families separated by them and the migrant workers (see: Abbas, Owen, this issue)? These people have largely been an afterthought. In addition, a pandemic that pays no heed to national borders is unlikely to be permanently eradicated within a nation by its

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Simon Tormey and Jean-Paul Gagnon

’s a free lunch, oh, and by the way, I’ve got this problem with migrant workers, do you think you could do something about them?” Power requires a particular kind of comportment just as it does to resist it. To resist the urge, that magnetic pull, of

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The Keys to the Economic Kingdom

State Intervention and the Overcoming of Dependency in Africa before the Crisis of the 1970s

Bill Freund

, for instance, faced competition from artificial fibre competitors and yet Tanzania was stuck with repaying the money spent on nationalising sisal plantations and also was responsible for very large numbers of poorly paid, more or less migrant, workers

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Neoliberalism, the Left and the Rise of the Far Right

On the Political and Ideological Implications of Capitalism's Subordination of Democracy

Costas Panayotakis

,” Camus ( 2018: 185 and 160 ) also dramatically proclaims that “with the migrants flocking all over the place, the most beautiful cities in the world are turning into slums, shanty towns, waste grounds, devastated by stupor and hyperviolence.” Thus, the

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Paul Apostolidis, William E. Connolly, Jodi Dean, Jade Schiff, and Romand Coles

to “dry out” so-called wetbacks to meet US farmers’ labor needs—the discourses legitimating US hemispheric domination have reduced Latin American migrants to nothing more than their bodies. Endeavors to refocus critical theory and radical democratic