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Peter Hervik

” and “cultural constructions” to explain action ( Lutz 2017 ). In the seminal volume Human Motives and Cultural Models ( D’Andrade and Strauss 1992 ), authors used pathbreaking developments on how knowledge is organized cognitively in the shape of

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Perspectives from the Ground

Colonial Bureaucratic Violence, Identity, and Transitional Justice in Canada

Jaymelee J. Kim

Canada, a multifaceted TJ model incorporated tools such as a truth commission, independent hearings and monetary compensation for allegations of sexual and physical abuse, memorialization funding, and national reconciliatory events. The TJ model was

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Post-Conflict Dynamics in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Identities, Nationalization, and Missing Bodies

Katerina Seraïdari

set examples to their citizens of action which might be emulated.” Nevertheless, the nation-state is not perceived as a threatening political model; on the contrary, the homogeneity of a population is considered to be a stabilizing factor, whereas

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The Social Life of Contentious Concepts

Ronald S. Stade

philosophical and methodological aspects of conceptual change, the same cannot be said of anthropologists. This is unfortunate, as anthropologists are in an excellent position to contribute to the development of theoretical and methodological models that are

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Abhishek Choudhary, Rhys Machold, Ricardo Cardoso, Andreas Hackl, Martha Lagace, and Carly Machado

supports or expounds one or the other model toward theorizing rivalry de-escalation and termination. The book claims the argument is parsimonious and testable. In this regard, the choice of cases serve the claim of the book, but the range of variables and

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The Uncanniness of Missionary Others

A Discursive Analysis of a Century of Anthropological Writings on Missionary Ethnographers

Travis Warren Cooper

ethnographer’s “anti model,” to state it in another way—representative of the dual project of Christianization and colonialism. Thus, Malinowski begins to contemplate “a really effective anti-missionary campaign” ( Stocking 1992: 245 ). The anthropologist

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Curating Conflict

Four Exhibitions on Jerusalem

Sa'ed Atshan and Katharina Galor

, financial models often depend on the popularity of exhibit themes and the ability to maximize pleasure and entertainment among the potential visitors, rather than engage difficult and disturbing topic that will almost automatically reduce visitor numbers

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Guarding the Body

Private Security Work in Rio de Janeiro

Erika Robb Larkins

, it is now complemented by what I call a “security as hospitality” model. “Hospitality security” is aimed at providing a differentiated form of service to Brazilian and global elites in secured spaces of leisure and consumption: shopping malls, concert

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Legacies, Trajectories, and Comparison in the Anthropology of Buddhism

Nicolas Sihlé and Patrice Ladwig

exclusion model. Bön is less prototypical, but it may well be legitimately included in discussions of the wider range of Buddhist traditions from an analytical perspective. The same approach would probably be useful for Japanese shugendō , particular ethnic

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Around Abby Day’s Believing in Belonging

Belief and Social Identity in the Modern World

Christopher R. Cotter, Grace Davie, James A. Beckford, Saliha Chattoo, Mia Lövheim, Manuel A. Vásquez, and Abby Day

’ as somehow more authentic or more real than other aspects, such as history, tradition, theology, and institution (see Cotter and Robertson 2016 ), and thus we return to the sui generis model so thoroughly critiqued by McCutcheon, Asad, and