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Carl Strikwerda

. Trying to resurrect the prewar economy in the 1920s only caused more upheaval. Dictatorship, autarchy, and import substitution regimes arose in the wake of the war as alternatives to economic integration and liberal, capitalist models. A new, more

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Policing the French Empire

Colonial Law Enforcement and the Search for Racial-Territorial Hegemony

Samuel Kalman

variety of models in use within the diverse array of locales. However, only rarely have collections focused exclusively on the French empire, and then principally sub-Saharan territories along with Madagascar. 5 Yet the entire “très grande France

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Cècile Mathieu

Translator : Matthew Roy

.” Semiotic theories then began to explore these “secondary modeling systems” by which a social group’s discourses are semantically organized according to “cultures” and “ideologies.” 9 The dictionary was thus perceived as a producer of the ideology of the

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Daniel Lord Smail

have no serious objection to the claim that the homicide rate in later medieval Europe was high relative to today. 3 But either way, this is a good and healthy debate. To reiterate, Better Angels offers a bold new model for linking the many eras of

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Joanna Bourke

, refrain from engaging in online political commentary, and choose not to maintain potentially lucrative or personally rewarding online presences.” 46 These are real harms, not virtual ones. Finally, Pinker’s employment of an evolutionary psychology model

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The Problem of Modern Pederasty in Queer History

A Case Study of Norman Douglas

Rachel Hope Cleves

love and appreciation by boys for their adult male lovers contradict the current dominant model of child sexual abuse, which rests on the assumption that intergenerational sexual encounters are inherently traumatic for children. This assumption of harm

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Ecaterina Lung

imperial secretary and governor of Constantinople and is best known for writing a History of the reign of Emperor Maurice that justified the deposing of the usurper Phokas by stressing his vicious character. John Malalas (c. 491–578) was a model for later

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African Dawn

Keïta Fodéba and the Imagining of National Culture in Guinea

Andrew W. M. Smith

years of tyranny. This disjuncture between his “aesthetics and politics” is, in the model of Gary Wilder, a function of pragmatic anticolonialism, “a warning against presumptively treating his political acts as self-evident or one-dimensional.” 8 Fodéba

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Pious Women in a “Den of Scorpions”

The Piety and Patronage of the Eleventh-Century Countesses of Brittany

Amy Livingstone

the wife of Count Geoffrey Grenonat, and Constance of Normandy (see Table 1 ). Following the model of Queen Esther from the Old Testament, each of these women helped their husbands and sons cultivate relationships with the church. 5 Table 1 Modeling

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The Complexity of History

Russia and Steven Pinker’s Thesis

Nancy Shields Kollmann

’s argument does jibe with what many of us experience today. The historian in me, however, worries. His Eurocentrism raises a flag: he implies a single path into a peaceable modernity following the European model, leaving one to wonder about paths not taken