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Stefan Nygård, Matti La Mela, and Frank Nullmeier

modernization. The eighteenth-century verb “to modernize” and the notion of a “modernist” as someone who is a partisan of the modern were in the following century accompanied by more programmatic uses of the term modernism. The different contexts in which the

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Timo Pankakoski and Antto Vihma

, however, is open to an alternative reading: alongside fragmentation, the parallel processes of differentiation and the division of labor are constitutive aspects of modern society. The key impulses here come from Émile Durkheim’s theory of modernization in

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Roberto Farneti

-Erik Skaaning (2012) stress the inconclusiveness of surveys and analyses on the link between fractionalized societies and democracy. Hinnebusch (2006: 377) maintains that earlier failures led to a revision of modernization theory that “was based more on

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Alexander Weiss

related to, but distinguished from, adjacent concepts such as “conditions of democracy” or “contexts of democratic thought.” The former concept has its roots in modernization theories—from Tocqueville and J.S. Mill, to Huntington and Inglehart—and is used

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Anton Jansson, Kai Vogelsang, and Nele Kuhlmann

of -Isms” Exploring China’s Sattelzeit Ivo Spira, A Conceptual History of Chinese –Isms: The Modernization of Ideological Discourse, 1895–1925 (Leiden: Brill, 2015), 344 pp. KAI VOGELSANG University of Hamburg Ivo Spira’s Conceptual History of

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Mark S. Micale

to be adding to their stockpiles. Most nuclear nations continually modernize their warheads and enhance the computerized systems that target, launch, and guide them. Five other European nations, including Turkey, host NATO weapons on their soil that

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The Ill-Equipped Modernist

Historicizing Édouard Dujardin’s Les Lauriers Sont Coupés

Kelly J. Maynard

commercial—that could be both intimate and anonymous. Second, I refer to two newly modernizing forces that were unique to the 1880s: publishing and politics. The uncharted territory of independent serials that exploded after 1881 (the petites revues ) was

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Annabel Brett, Fabian Steininger, Tobias Adler-Bartels, Juan Pablo Scarfi, and Jan Surman

( tercüme odası ) were set up to increase state capacity. This story of Ottomans catching up has, of course, been told before, in classic modernization readings of Ottoman reform. Wigen, however, evades such Orientalist tropes by focusing on the development

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Randolph Roth

, 2 vols. (New York: Pantheon, 1982). The theory has been elaborated by Manuel Eisner, “Modernization, Self-Control, and Lethal Violence: The Long-Term Dynamics of European Homicide Rates in Theoretical Perspective,” British Journal of Criminology 41

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Bridging the Political Gaps

The Interdiscursive Qualities of Political Romanticism in the Weimar Republic

Christian E. Roques

), Freyer tries to show that the political and economic solution to liberal domination is a modernization of political romanticism at the beginning of the twentieth century. 37 And in a very similar fashion, Othmar Spann, the Viennese professor who could