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Carl Plantinga

behavior of screen characters and in developing allegiances or oppositional stances in the world of the imagination. It has been argued that viewers develop an allegiance for characters primarily on the basis of moral judgment. This chapter suggests that

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

could be no reasons – although this does not imply that where reasons come to an end we have reached the bedrock of self-evidence and certainty – far from it in the case of moral judgment. I would suggest that the important role of moral examples lies in

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Moral Conflict

The Private, the Public and the Political

Marios Filis

monistic, and ultimately, a reductionist theory, or the utility principle will be one more moral rule, among others. Monism has always been attractive precisely because it promises possible and unproblematic moral judgments, in a ‘scientific’ manner. The

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Elizabeth Hoyt and Gašper Jakovac

to moral judgment and at the same time posits against pacifism that war may be morally justified’ (p. 5). By looking at the plays chronologically, Quabeck hopes to show a progression: while earlier works ‘juxtapose the two diametrically opposed

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The Problem of Modern Pederasty in Queer History

A Case Study of Norman Douglas

Rachel Hope Cleves

of child prostitution during Douglas's lifetime, however, causes discomfort because it gives the appearance of exculpating Douglas from moral judgment for a behavior that is considered inexcusable at present. The word “normal” seems to connote moral

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Philip J. Hohle

to privilege their own rational way of making moral judgments over the activity of actual viewers. We tend to find their untrained readings incompetent and could go so far as to describe them as “bad” ( Vaage 2016: 90 ). As commonly operationalized in

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The Generative Power of Political Emotions

Mette-Louise Johansen, Therese Sandrup, and Nerina Weiss

of right and wrong and not least to moral judgment. It may therefore also be understood as a “higher order” or evaluative emotion, which requires a greater degree of evaluation processing ( Solomon 1984 , Reed 2004 ). In this way, the notion

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Laura T. Di Summa-Knoop

, not only depend on the audience’s moral evaluation of the characters, but are also likely to play an active role in inviting moral evaluations and may even be able to steer the viewer’s moral compass, thus effectively contributing to moral judgment

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So What Is the Anthropology of Buddhism About?

David N. Gellner

Buddhists themselves. Moral judgments were not invented or imposed on Buddhism by colonialism. Evaluation is necessarily implied by the fact that Buddhism, from the outset, has always been deeply moral. It is and has always been an exemplary path and

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Comprehending Subjectivity in Vietnam and Beyond

Tine M. Gammeltoft

strivings for family memberships, aspirations for community membership also shaped Mây’s abortion decision. The birth of a disabled child would place her and her relatives in an extremely vulnerable position, exposing them to moral judgment and ridicule. Mây