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Film as the Engine for Learning

A Model to Assess Film's Interest Raising Potential

Winnifred Wijnker, Ed S. Tan, Arthur Bakker, Tamara A. J. M. van Gog, and Paul H. M. Drijvers

experiments that appraised novelty-complexity of test stimuli (poems, picture, geographical shapes) and estimated ability to understand these were predictors of interest. Interest can be called an epistemic emotion, as it arises in the pursuit of knowledge

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Loving and Grieving with Heart of a Dog and Merleau-Ponty's Depth

Saige Walton

Sitney with regard to the American experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage, the lyrical film takes its name from the first-person expression of feeling in the lyrical poem. In the lyrical film, it is the filmmaker who serves as the film's first

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Toward a Model of Distributed Affectivity for Cinematic Ethics

Ethical Experience, Trauma, and History

Philip Martin

this sense, these aspects serve as the environmental information that Gibson most closely associates with affordances. This is the text of the drama or poem, and perhaps the screenplay of a film. It is the fact that Cheol-ho rubs his aching jaw, not the

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Jens Eder

’s voice singing a song about death, then cuts to a close-up of a clock radio reciting Rilke’s sad poem “Autumn Day.” The protagonist Caden Cotard (named after Cotard’s syndrome and played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) lies in bed and stares tiredly at himself