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Children Born of War

A European Research Network Exploring the Life Histories of a Hidden Population

Kimberley Anderson and Sophie Roupetz

Fondation de l’Oeuvre de l’Enfance Française d’Indochine (FOEFI) in particular repatriated several thousand abandoned mixed-race children to France until 1947, housing them in orphanages and children’s homes and giving them a French education. ESR Eva Käuper

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Manijeh Nasrabadi, Maryam Aras, Alexander Djumaev, Sina Zekavat, Mary Elaine Hegland, Rosa Holman, and Amina Tawasil

Keith Feldman (2015), A Shadow Over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press) A Shadow Over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America boldly confronts what Edward Said famously called

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Melissa Feinberg

race, class, and region. The work of childcare and family maintenance has remained undervalued and largely feminized. The ability of some women to develop white collar professional careers has largely depended upon the availability of poor women of

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The East Side Story of Gender and Feminism

The Hungarian and Czech Cases

Gabriela Dudeková Kováčová

feminist analysis, but not as Western feminist analyses do, focusing only on “how gender intersects with race, class, sexuality, ability, and other identity markers.” In postsocialist countries, “issues of nationality and the role of the state, and

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“I’ll Do Business with Anyone”

Arab Teachers in Jewish Schools as a Disruptive Innovation

Rakefet Ron Erlich, Shahar Gindi, and Michal Hisherik

group in a community that is largely comprised of a different social group ( Paul-Binyamin and Potchter 2020 ). In the United States, research on boundary-crossing teachers has focused on issues of race. For example, when the race of students and

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Tiina Ann Kirss

, everyday decisions whose common denominator is precisely the spirit and ethos of a politics that is aware of the global threat to the human race’ (1995: 217). Updating this in the context of the threat of terrorism and the refugee crisis, the last

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Women and Gender in Europe from 1939 to the Present

Challenging and Reassessing the Narrative

Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild

Sexual Mores of Postwar Europe,” Belinda Davis focuses on “Political Participation, Civil Society, and Gender: Lessons from the Cold War,” Young-Sun Hong evaluates “Gender, Race, and Utopias of Development,” Melissa Bokovoy investigates “Gender and

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Human–Animal Relationships in the Middle East

Marjan Mashkour and Anahita Grisoni

, according not only to the multiplicity of species but also to animals’ age, sex and physical features, as shown in the case of pet dogs in Iran selected according to race and appearance (Anahita Grisoni and Marjan Mashkour). Within this context, where their

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Public Health in Eastern Europe

Visible Modernization and Elusive Gender Transformation

Evguenia Davidova

) became salient and corresponded to a new concern about family life. In her contribution, Eszer Varsa offers an intersectional perspective of gender and race/ethnicity on Hungary's policies and practices of “qualitative reproduction” (280). By examining

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Menachem Klein

than that of conventional accounts … that is, between those whom we now commonly regard as simply ‘Zionists’ and ‘Arabs.’” Gribetz analyzes the roles of religion and race as modern categories in shaping public intellectuals’ perceptions on both sides